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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Should Veterans with PTSD Be Exempt from the Death Penalty?

The story: Should Veterans with PTSD Be Exempt from the Death Penalty?

I don't think the death penalty should ever be applied. I know there is an honest disagreement on this subject so I respect those who believe in the practice.

However, exempting veterans with PTSD from the death penalty opens Pandora's Box. Many people committing murder can argue some sort of dysfunction in their lives contributing to their behavior. A good attorney can apply an argument of amnesty in almost all cases for the general population.

I am a Veteran of the "Nam. After all these years I have noticed many of my fellow Vets increasing the flow of their self-pity tears as society makes more and more excuses for the way people behave just because they were in the service. I have seen the PTSD industry grow and the emergence of profit seekers exploiting the public’s desire to excuse these phony crybabies.

Yes, there are real cases of PTSD but the malady is far rarer than perceived by the public. My fellow Viet Nam Vets and their families using PTSD as an excuse for an individual’s failures in life have embarrassed me.

I also think it is disgraceful how profit seekers teach veterans how to file false claims of PTSD in order to take a cut of the pay if a Veteran is successful in bleeding the American tax payer dry for contrived injuries. A child growing up in Chicago may have a more pronounced case of PTSD than these Iraq and Afghan cry babies who fought pansy wars in recent years.

It was more dangerous living in America over the last ten years than it was to serve the military in Iraq. Over the ten-year history of the last two wars, the military lost around 5,000 dead. In that same period, about 1.5 million Americans lost their lives from lack of health care, gunshots and auto accidents. Americans suffered a lot more trauma on the home front than by Americans serving in the Pansy wars.

Don't let people make excuses for murder under any circumstance. Banish the death penalty for moral reasons, not for pretend reasons.
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