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Monday, February 9, 2015

Republicans Want to Send Message to SCOTUS on Obamacare

From a story dated 2/9/2015

I don't understand why republicans want to deny health care to millions of Americans? How does it help anyone if we go back to 50,000 dead Americans every year for lack of health care?

Millions of Americans have health care now, when they couldn't afford it in the past. Denying health care to people for pre-existing conditions and limiting payments for illnesses just to maximize profits has always been a shady way to do business. Taking away health care from millions of Americans seems like a cruel and heartless thing to do.

Insurance companies have always been liars and cheaters, so why do the victims of insurance companies want to keep sustaining those crooks despite the harm these companies have done to them in the past?

It doesn't make sense. I can understand why millions of moochers, expecting free health care when they get injured, might be upset because someone is telling them they can't be freeloaders anymore. Making a deadbeat become responsible has always been a tough proposition.

I have news for all the moochers out there. Going to an emergency room after a car accident and not having insurance is not free health care. There's no such thing as free health care. Somebody pays and if you can't, bankruptcy is your only answer. Bankruptcy will destroy you. They are working on changing the law so you can't bankrupt medical bills.

After hospitals and doctors pursue you, take your home, confiscate your car and put a lien on your wages just to pay for an accident your kid had, will make you wish for Obama Care (ACA).

I said in the beginning "I don't understand why republicans want to deny health care to millions of Americans?". I really know the answer, don't you? Ignorance and selfishness is driving opposition to the ACA and if successful, we all pay the price.

Does anyone think the Republicans can come up with something better? Republicans have had several years to come up with a plan and so far, they have fired only blanks. If you think just saying "NO" is a health care plan than maybe you’re just too stupid to have a conversation with.
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