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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Walker: 'I don't really know' whether Obama loves America

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We have all become accustomed to a lack of good manners. We have accepted racial prejudice as a normal behavior pattern. People telling lies for political purposes is now the norm. However, it is still difficult to accept the notion that a national political party exclusively practices these deviant patterns.

You know what I mean, right? Bad manners, racism and lying has become normal for the Republican Party. Rudy demonstrates a common attitude practiced by millions of Republican Americans. There is a bigger problem passed over by the news media though.

Scott Walker epitomizes this problem and as a potential Presidential candidate, he has disqualified himself for consideration to become President of the United States. Normal Americans would think so anyway. Scott Walker's silence regarding Rudy's discourteous, bad mannered and racist comments is the real story. It is the story not told.

One must accept that Rudy has a free speech right to make his comments. One does not have to accept the entire Republican Party being sympathetic with Rudy, because of their silence. Silence is acceptance. Good decent Americans collectively admonish Rudy's language. However, Republicans are not good decent people.

Scott Walker should have disagreed with Rudy's vulgar comments on the spot. The fact that he shook Rudy's hand afterwards and even contributed his own brand of lies demonstrates a very clear imperative. Scott Walker and the Republican Party need to learn some manners and cannot hold office until they clean up their act.

Decent Americans must confront a classless political party within our boundaries and prevent the worst elements of our society from making all the rules. It's not just Rudy. It's the entire Republican party and the millions of hate filled Americans supporting behavior by Rudy and others like him. Republican leadership is as guilty as Rudy, Rush, Cruze, Boehner, etc., etc., etc. 
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