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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ACLU sues Jindal over 'religious freedom' order

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My Comment:
Religious liberty does not undermine US Law. The Supreme Court was correct in its ruling using the Equal Protection Clause and the Due Process Clause of the Constitution. Equal rights with equal protections for all tax paying citizens was the only decision the Supremes could have made. Those who think the Bible comes before our Constitution are the real menace in America.

If the Supremes had decided the other way, based on a religious view, discriminating against tax paying citizens, all civil liberties would be at risk. In all the history of humanity, there has never been a successful religious government, no matter what the religion.

Christianity would fail miserably trying to rule America. As in the past, in all parts of the world, Christianity would have to impose a religious dictatorship on the American people. That won't go over so well in this part of the world. Can you imagine a Dominionist telling a bunch of Catholics or Jews how they are supposed to live? No way! Not without dictatorship.

Religious Liberty can potentially destroy all our Civil Liberties. Religious Liberty, misused can destroy the second Amendment. That's for all you gun nuts out there. The only reason you own guns is because a Secular government is protecting your right to do so. There are plenty of religions willing to take your guns from you in the name of Jesus.

Recently, elected officials breaking their oath to defend the Constitution have made all the headlines. Candidates for the Presidency are encouraging sedition in the name of their bible. Just we need, don’t you think? A President like Mike Huckabee, supporting sedition would be nice. This points out the need for better clarification of the term "Separation of Church and State".

In order to preserve our union, we need to make it very clear there will be no mixing of religion with government. A Constitutional Amendment needs to be drafted explaining what “Separation of Church and State" means. Changing our government from a secular government to a Christian based body would be a disaster.

Witness all the talk of treason coming from the lovers of Jesus and how if they got their way the Supreme Court would become irrelevant and we can look to a thousand church councils for guidance on every law congress passes. People better be finding ways to make the Supreme Court better and quit trying to nullify it. Beware of what you desire. You may get it.

A response to a writer on Face Book

Christina Stauffer on Face Book Wrote:

Thank you, Gary. Nice to read something intelligent on this subject. By the way....exactly when did we start equating religious freedom to the right to discriminate against others who don't share the same beliefs? So....does that mean Christian clerks can refuse marriage licenses to Muslims? How about to an interracial couple....I mean there's lots of stuff in the Old Testament about "mixing" being a no no. Then maybe Protestant clerks can start refusing licenses to Catholics or to folks from that strange church across town. How far is Mr. Jindal going to carry this stupidity?

You defined the problem exactly. Countries, which are slowly taken over by religion (any religion) soon discover that if given an inch, religion will take a mile. A secular nation cannot let religion get as much as a toehold on a secular society.

Letting people decide which civil liberties they will grant based solely on their religious beliefs opens Pandora’s box and leads to chaos. Discrimination must be stopped on a secular level. Personal religious beliefs should never dictate public policy.

Once civil liberties are decided by religious views, religious war break out and the surviving religion imposes its religious beliefs on all the rest of society. Losing religions soon find their religious beliefs banned and discriminated against.

Claims of religious freedom, for discrimination purposes, cannot be tolerated in a free society. The consequences are always bad. Civil liberties are always sacrificed. Religious dictatorships always form. History has many examples of this destructive cycle on people and nations. We must not allow religions to make public policy.

Monday, June 29, 2015

NY Gov. Cuomo: Captured convict 'critical but stable'

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My comment
This has been a case of overkill by the media. This story is not nearly as big as they made it out to be. The police got to dress up in their costumes, blood thirsty Americans got to salivate at the prospect of killing these guys and the American public got to be scared again.

It is so easy to manipulate public reaction in our country. This story never had any relevance on a national scale. Maybe it had some interest to those in the local area but people in Texas didn't have to hide in their cellars and shake in fear.

Americans are such chickens today. It makes one wonder how today's society would have held up when the Soviets had 10,000 nuclear warheads aimed at us during the Cold War. Brave people in those days did not shake in fear and they prevented a nuclear war. If people were as scared back then as they are today, people exploiting that fear would have destroyed mankind.

Just imagine what would have happened if Cheney/Bush were in charge during the Cuban Missile Crises. Who is elected president does matter. We all like to brag about how tough we are as a nation. Let's start showing some of that bravery.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bristol Palin on pregnancy: 'I made a mistake,' but 'I do not regret this baby'

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My Comment:
     She's a cute girl and I believe she has her heart in the right place. Truth be known, she probably wishes she hadn't gotten pregnant. I am a pro-choice individual but respect her decision to have the child. There’s nothing wrong with that.

     As far as preaching abstinence goes, it is a little hypocritical on her part. One can't really blame her for making money with an easy gig. Many people do exactly what she has done. Like mother, like daughter.

     Musicians with no moral values have learned to praise Jesus while singing a song and playing some instruments. They get rich doing it. Religious minions flock to their concerts and buy their albums. The minions go home and play all the wonderful Jesus music while the musicians make fun of their stupidity and laugh all the way to the bank.

     Golden-tongued con artists learned a long time ago, all you have to do is praise Jesus with a little style and people, one taco short of a Mexican plate, will give you lots and lots of money. Tell all the lies you want. Just be sure to sprinkle in a few "Praise Jesus" words and those people will give you all their money and follow you down a rat hole, if you want.

     I spanked a few Christian churches a few years ago. I had a print shop and 90% of my business was printing for churches. All I had to do was speak their version of Jesus and I had all the business I could handle. Sure, I was a whore. However, Christian money was as green as atheist money and it was easier to get from people who didn’t know as much.

     All the Republican candidates for President know this little trick too. Just pull out your magical flute and play the tune the Christian nitwits want to hear and they will vote for you. Mitt Romney was one of the best con artists ever. He wasn't even a Christian and millions voted for him. They loved Mitt Romney more than they loved Jesus.

     Ronald and his wife Nancy broke into the movie business wearing out the casting couch. They were both absolute whores. Ronald never went to church, yet he said all the right things about Jesus and the fundamentalists want to put him on Mt. Rushmore to this day. What a con artist.

     George W. Bush managed to kill a half million people for no reason at all and among the Christians he’s a hero. Obama extracted us from two wars we should never have been in and he’s the bad guy. Oh that’s right, Obama is black and Bush Jr. is white. It’s getting more clear now.

    So Bristol, you go girl. After you have your next baby out of wedlock, you may have to change your gig. That shouldn’t be too hard. Just follow your mother’s lead. Lie through your teeth and praise Jesus. Everything will be all right.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cruz: Supreme Court justices should face elections - Part two

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Richard Davis When I first started reading your comment I thought to myself, "here's a guy I can talk to". Upon reading more, I discovered you engaged in invective and insults to make your argument. You say you are an atheist, yet you use the exact same arguments against gay marriage that any self -righteous Christian would use. A right wing atheist! Now there's a uncommon arrangement. Alternatively, are you indeed an atheist?

Just for argument sake, religion has nothing to do with marriage in America. That's why a couple has to get a marriage license from the government and the preacher has to file paperwork with the government upon completion of the ceremony.

That's why you can get married in Las Vegas on a moment’s notice or you can just do the ceremony with the justice of the peace. Whatever the process, the marriage is not legal without government involvement. A church is not required for a legal marriage. Government is. Churches are nice but not necessary.

Getting married legally with the government entitles the married couple to certain legal privileges. Tax advantages with the IRS, inheritance rights and the ability to make medical decisions for a spouse are just a few of those privileges.

A couple cannot just proclaim they are married and enjoy any of the privileges afforded by a marriage, sanctioned by the government. Try filing a joint tax return with the IRS without a registered marriage certificate.

Because the government is the only entity able to grant marital privileges, marriage becomes a civil liberty. Denying civil liberties only a secular government can grant is discrimination by the government. A secular government cannot discriminate against tax paying citizens. A secular government cannot deny advantages to one group of taxpayers and then grant those same privileges to another group based on a religious interpretation or preference.

Your other arguments about polygamy, incest or any other perversion is nothing more than a right wing scare tactic and you should peddle your allegations to those who are afraid of their own shadow. You are corresponding with an adult Democrat who doesn't believe right wing propaganda. Your dog and pony scare tactics don’t work with me.

Nevertheless, your input was interesting. The most entertaining aspect of your correspondence was your claim to an atheist belief system. Har-Har-Har! That was a good one. You are missing a good opportunity though.

Those Republicans would pay you a lot of money if you would claim you are an atheist and tell them you are against gay marriage. You could run around making your argument and really take advantage of people that would give anything to hear you talk like that. It’s kind of like hearing a black or a Latino use Republican talk. It’s an easy way to get rich off of uninformed scared people.

Friday, June 26, 2015

U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage nationwide

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my Comment
I marvel at the notion States Rights should determine issues like Marriage Equality. There are some issues, which must be equal in application in every state. Among those equal protections is our Bill of Rights.

Can you imagine the chaos if each individual state were allowed to determine what Freedom of Speech or Religion means on a local basis? Recent history has shown each state would have very different interpretations of our Bill of Rights. Many of the Republican controlled states have demonstrated a propensity to step all over individual rights for religious reasons.

In my mind anyway, one of the most important jobs the Supreme Court has, is to insure the universal application of Civil Liberties across America. Although Marriage Rights is not specifically mentioned in the Constitution, this right to marry whom you want is a Penumbra Right we all take for granted. Shadow rights of the Constitution are very important to all of us.

Privacy and Choice are not mentioned in the Constitution but we all expect a certain amount of privacy in our lives and we all enjoy choosing where we work, live, whom we associate with and what we read, listen to or watch. Shadow rights are very important and marriage rights fall into the same category.

We cannot allow states to determine and define our Civil Liberties or our shadow rights. Doing so would defeat the purpose of States being united in our Civil Liberties and our Shadow Rights. We cannot call ourselves the United States of America if one can get married in one state, only to discover their marriage is not recognized in another state.

Civil Liberties is not up to an individual state to determine if that state has been temporarily taken over by extreme religious views. One of the main jobs of the Supreme Court is to insure Equal Protection under the Law, Due Process and the equal application of Civil Liberties coast to coast. The Supreme Court ruled correctly in this issue.

New York Escaped Prisoner Richard Matt Is Reported Killed

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My comment:
That's right...cheer for a killing. Killing people always solves problems. Hooray!!!!!! Kill 'em all.
Take a picture and publish it so all the gun nuts can masturbate over the image of his dead body.

Hang his body over a bridge and let the local kindergarten class hold hands, sing songs and praise the people who shot the guy dead. Let the kids pose with the dead body.

Show his dead body on all the news networks at the dinner hour so your whole family can rejoice and thank God for the killing. Just after saying grace, of course.

Don't capture the other guy and put him back in jail. That costs too much money. If he gives up and surrenders, show a live video of someone blowing his brains out. Do the video in enhanced color so everyone can get the full effect of the killing.

Pose cops in army uniforms standing behind the executed escapee so the blood splatters on their face and take close-ups of the cops wiping the blood from their faces and licking their fingers.

Going by the comments attached to this story, the above scenario seems appropriate.

Huckabee rips 'act of judicial tyranny'

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My Comment:
The best thing Republicans can do to help elect Hillary Clinton is to continue their opposition to the ACA. The law is working. The number of people joining the ACA is increasing each month. Popularity for the ACA increases each day the bill is in effect. Under our system of law, the ACA is Constitutional. ♫♫ Na-na-na-na-na-na!!!!!! ♫♫♫

By the time election day, 2016 arrives, millions more Americans will be covered. A continuous threat to eliminate the ACA, then provide no replacement that makes sense, only further alienates Republicans from the American people.  In just a little while, talk of repealing the ACA will be as popular as promising to repeal Social Security or Medicare. It's not going to happen.

As popularity for the ACA increases day-by-day, continuous lying by Republicans about the entire law, further compounds the credibility problem Republicans already have regarding this issue. Over time, constant lies will cause Americans to doubt anything Republicans say about any subject. Once deemed a pack of liars by the American people, Republicans will have difficulty convincing anyone of their ideas. Only the most faithful will continue to believe.

Threatening Americans they are going to take away something they have become accustomed too, will not win elections. Mr. wonderful, Mike Huckabee, in his self-righteous manner, is doing more for Hillary Clinton than Hillary can do for herself. Thank you Jesus want to be, Mike. We really don't want you to be President but we appreciate your help getting Hillary elected. She is a lot better than you anyway.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How Antonin Scalia Could Undo A Key Part of Obama’s Green Legacy

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My comment:
Gary Smith you are right too. It's all about regulation mechanisms. I'm getting pretty old now so I've gathered a few experiences along the road. Opposition to regulation kills people.

I've been in places where you can't drink the water or eat the fish. I've lived in towns where very high cancer rates occurred because the air was killing people. I've seen children die because profits were more important than kids’ lives.

Attending those funerals is very sad. Usually the people, who can do the least to solve the problem, are the ones dying. Throughout the industrial age, corporations have had little regard for people’s lives. When it becomes apparent they are killing people, someone has to step in and do something. Corporations will keep killing people so remote owners can have another mint julep, if something isn't done.

I agree that over regulation can harm job creation. There has to be a middle ground. At the same time, if producing a product, enhancing the financial welfare of stockholders, not having to die because of the manufacturing process, perhaps that product should not be produced.

Somebody along the way has to say, "Human lives matter".

Sunday, June 21, 2015

House panel approves $30.17B bill cutting EPA funds, blocking rules

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My Comment:
When did a Congress, controlled by religious zealots, corporatists, science disbelievers and climate deniers become more knowledgeable than the scientists working for the EPA? It's a little scary to think people with such backward and outdated opinions are putting at risk everyman man, woman and child's life in the United States.

It's as though witch doctors with voodoo magic are now in control of our government. God forbid they get control of all three branches of government. Modern day Republicans are truly a disgrace and millions of Americans vote for them.

It's a little disconcerting to see Republicans threaten the air we breathe and the water we drink in order to increase corporate profits or to place solutions preventing environmental catastrophe in the hands of God. Repeatedly Republicans have demonstrated an inability to govern for the good of the people.

People keep voting for these power hungry people bent on privatizing America and ramming their false beliefs down everyone's throat. They keep voting for these golden-tongued con artists because the tactic of scarring people to death and lying to them about everything works.

Americans have fallen for an age-old con-artist game propagated by the Republican Party. Will we wake up before it's too late? We probably won’t in the near future. Hang on to your rear end. A total takeover is in the works. You haven't seen anything yet. A fascist religious government is just over the horizon. The American people will empower this takeover with their vote.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bernie Sanders wants to bring back your 40-hour workweek

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My comment:
It's about time this issue is discussed. Why the other candidates from both sides aren't talking about our labor laws is a mystery. I'm 70 years old now and this is the first time I've heard anyone speak to the need to repair our labor laws.

I'm old enough to remember a time when if you worked 8.5 hours in a day you were paid time and a half for the extra half hour. You didn't have to work 40 hours before you got extra pay. If you worked the graveyard shift, you got extra pay.

If you worked on Sunday, you were paid time and a half regardless of how many hours you had worked during a pay period. Holidays paid two and a half your regular rate. Family time was considered more important in those days and if an employer wanted to intrude on family time, he had to pay.

Union rules were not required in order to be paid in this manner. Employers were simply better people. Employers were less greedy. Corporations didn't selfishly increase their profits by abusing their workers. Employers knew if workers were paid well, productivity increased, turnover was reduced and theft decreased because employees were more loyal. Everybody benefited because of mutual respect between the boss and the worker.

When workers were being paid in this manner it was also an era when family values were not just a jingo but a way of life. There was a general feeling among everyone that you gave 40 hours a week to the "MAN", 40 hours for sleep during a workweek and the rest of the time was for you and your family.

If the "MAN" wanted more than that, he had to pay extra for that intrusion. If the employer wanted you to work on Sunday, he had to pay more for working you on the "Lords Day of Rest". Sunday was considered a day for church attendance and time with the family. If an employer could not pay extra for intruding on their workers time, then the business didn't open on Sunday.

Family values were at the heart of Union demands when people believing in those values died in the streets demanding workers’ rights. The very concept of overtime, holiday pay, the 40-hour workweek, no child labor came about because of the blood spilled in American streets by people believing in Family Values.

It's very odd how the people bragging how they believe in family values are the same people trying to destroy family values because of their greed.  They do everything they can to reduce peoples pay, employ children again, maintain unequal pay between men and women and demand a workers free time without extra pay, all for the sake of increasing profits.

Union values are family values. Dictatorships do not have unions because dictatorships don't believe in family values. Free societies have Unions, dictatorships don't. Workers’ rights are family values and those opposed to workers’ rights are interested only in their own self-gratification. Without realizing what they are doing, they advocate for dictatorship. Therein lies the struggle. This issue is a fight between self-serving dictators and free men. This conflict will always exist.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Rand Paul to GOP: It's Time to Move Beyond the Second Amendment

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My comment:
This is a good strategy. Rand Paul can give the illusion of wanting to implement some gun control but if you look at his record, he will never introduce gun control. Rand Paul will say and do anything to become President (he's like Mitt).

The truth is, when two candidates square off in the final run for the Oval office, Republicans will vote for Daffy Duck if that is who their candidate is. Much has been said about Romney's 47% comment but the converse is true for Republicans. No matter who the Republican candidate is, they are guaranteed 47% of the general electorate.

Consistently, most republicans will not vote for a liberal. You can bet your last dollar on this truth. People don't realize how much Republicans in this country hate the word liberal. More than twenty years of demonization has worked.

At one time or another, every Democrat running for any office, anywhere in this country, is called a Liberal and that's all it takes to get half the vote. Republican hatred for the word "Liberal" runs very deep.

Rand Paul is very sly. He will say all kinds of things trying to lure Independents and Democrats to cross over and vote for him. However, those who are fooled by him will be very disappointed if he becomes President. Look at his record. He is just as dangerous as any of the other crazy Republican running for the Oval office.

Rand Paul is a consummate liar just like Mitt Romney. Don't be deceived by some golden tongued con artist who will say things seemingly contrary to Republican values. Look how well Mitt Romney did.

Much of the Republican base thinks if you are not Saved or if you don’t think Jesus is Lord, you are a demon destined for hell. Mitt did not believe any of those Christian things. In the end, none of those beliefs mattered at all. Republicans hate Liberals and blacks more than they love Jesus.

Rand Paul is guaranteed half the votes in this country as long as he is perceived not liberal. Paul knows this and that's why he will try to woo you into voting for him. Do not be deceived by some Libertarian who hates our government right down to his bone.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Reid on Obamacare case: ‘I hope the Supreme Court can read English'

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My comment:
I've lived a few years now but I have never seen so many Americans cheer for the demise of legislation which clearly benefits all. Millions of Americans committing mass suicide is truly a site to see. Christian values have been abandoned by the same people claiming to love Jesus.

It shows the power of propaganda and the ability to tell a lie repeatedly in order to finally make that lie the truth.  Defeating the ACA and going back to the days before passage is the ultimate self-centered position only those devoid of empathy can take.

Having lousy health care insurance, which pays for nothing, only increases the number of Bankruptcies people have to take in order to pay medical costs. Insurance companies collecting money for policies that won't pay is just one of the problems the ACA tries to address. Bankruptcies drag everyone down, not just the person seeking this remedy. Going back to the old ways harms everyone.

With 50,000 Americans dying every year from lack of health care, something had to be done. Some people believe this number is much higher. There is a lot of misery represented in these numbers. Most of these deaths happen to good Americans.

Sure, there are sum bums in those numbers but overall, people dying from lack of health care are decent people. Some of them may be your relatives. Defeating the ACA may ultimately kill your own child. Nice work you self-centered millennial Republican.

One of the biggest problems the ACA has tried to address is the huge amount of free medical care hospitals have to absorb because so many people cannot afford health care or they just become consummate moochers. Millions of Americans who can afford health care. However, they choose to be irresponsible by passing their health care expenses on to all the rest of us.

These moochers are the very same people wanting to cut food stamp money to an indigent mother and deny an innocent child basic food in order to learn better in school. The people screaming the loudest about the ACA are the same people willing to get welfare from hospitals when they need medical care.

They selfishly care less about their neighbor dying from lack of health care but scream the loudest when they find out they could live a few more years if they get medical attention. Of course, they want society to pay for their expenses. They have been irresponsible all their lives but when it's time to accept a handout, they gladly do so.

I have never seen such a broad disagreement on an issue, which should enjoy common agreement by all. The old days when Americans cared about their fellow Americans is gone. In recent years, an attitude of "Me, Me" has swept our nation. Selfish, self-centered people with no tolerance for anyone but themselves are slowly starting to take over our country.

This coming election is a conflict between those who no longer care for anyone but themselves and those who want to help other Americans less fortunate. The election is about those possessing old time Christian values and those who wave a Christian flag but have abandoned everything taught to them by Jesus. I still care about my fellow Americans. Unfortunately, many of my friends, claiming to follow Jesus, do not. I am a Democrat of course. I still care about someone besides myself.

Donald Trump Denies Paying Actors $50 to Attend His Presidential Announcement Amid Controversy

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My comment:
If Hillary were paying actors to bolster attendance at her rallies, the right wing would be all over the story like stink on a skunk. Nothing like that has ever come out and sitting on your keyboard making up lies doesn't help your cause.

If you want people to believe you, start telling the truth. Tell me something I can believe in and I
might listen to you. One of the reasons I vote Democrat recently is because of the constant lies all Republicans tell.

I already know what Hillary stands for. I don't agree with everything she proposes but this early in the campaign, I know what she is going to do if she becomes President. She has not engaged in personal attacks and has not started telling a bunch of lies about any individual. I can't say the same for Republicans.

In other words, Hillary is exemplary compared to all Republicans. This is true of all Republicans starting from the biggest names right down to people like you sitting on a computer and anonymously telling lies.

In my mind, this election is about people trying to do something good for the country verses a pack of liars who have nothing more to offer than name-calling. Sitting around exhibiting your hate for all things female, black, brown, gay and Democrat will not win my support.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bush: You need 'boots on the ground'

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My comment:

Every time this man opens his mouth, I wonder why he hasn't been charged with War Crimes. The United States will never regain its honor until as a nation we admit we were wrong about Iraq.

Germany did a lot of bad things in WWII but after their defeat, they repented, admitted their error and to this day they continue to hunt down even the guards at death camps and put them on trial. Germany has regained its honor through repentance and they are a respected and honored nation on the world stage, again.

The United States will need to repent for its actions in Iraq and until we do, we can never claim moral superiority in an immoral world. Continuing to brag and boast about how we as a nation killed several hundred thousand innocent people in a war based on a lie, only serves to denigrate all Americans.

There are over 5,000 families in America looking at the pictures of their loved ones, hanging on a wall, who would be alive today if it were not for the criminal behavior of a single man and his dishonest cronies. This man's incredible mistake has repercussions for generations not yet born.

I cannot imagine the suffering an American mother and father endure every day, knowing their child died for nothing. Every time this man opens his mouth, relatives of soldiers who perished because of lie, must somehow tell themselves there was reason for their child's sacrifice.

However, when all is said and done, and parents are alone with their thoughts the silence of night increases their sorrow. They must endure this pain all the rest of their lives because of a man who will likely rot in hell for his actions. Parents will put on a public face and proclaim their child died for a reason but they must tell themselves this lie or admit their child died for nothing. An admission like that would be too hard to bear.

This smug little man, so wrong about so many things, should slither away and be silent all the rest of his years. He should be thankful he is not sitting in a jail cell. He should be very concerned about the judgment he will face upon his final demise. I don't know much about God and do not claim I know what's on His mind, but every ounce of my being tells me George W. Bush's deeds  did not sit well with our Creator.

Continuing to brag about our sins will only further irritate our Creator. Defending this man only makes one an accomplice in the horrendous crime this nation perpetrated on the human race. Those who aided and encouraged mass murder should shut their mouths forever. They should not run for President of the United States.
It’s one thing to have supported war with Iraq because you were given misinformation. You were manipulated by liars and deceivers. You allowed yourself to believe no American would kill people because of a personal grudge. Because you were misled, you supported war.

However, once enlightened to the truth and you continue to perpetrate the lie, you are guilty of the sin as well. We don’t need another lying murdering President to lead our nation. We will never regain our honor supporting someone like that. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Sanders pushes to give Americans a paid vacation

A comment submitted by someone responding to this story.
Over five thousand years ago, Moses said to the children of Israel, "Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the Promised Land."

Nearly 75 years ago, (when Welfare was introduced) Roosevelt said, "Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, and light up a Camel, this is the Promised Land."

Today, the government has stolen your shovel, taxed your asses, raised the price of Camels and mortgaged the Promised Land to China.

Bernie Sanders is like a watermelon: green on the outside, red on the inside. This man needs to be relegated back to the sidelines where he belongs.

My response:
Back in the days when union workers shed blood to make a 40-hour workweek normal, stop child labor and make overtime pay mandatory, you would have been one of those shooting and killing fellow Americans in order to keep workers slaves to the labor bosses.

Big business would never have allowed any benefits without the blood of American workers shed on our streets, years ago. Blood spilled by workers being shot by labor bosses not willing to share profits created by the sweat and skill of workers. This struggle between greedy rich people and the people who made then rich has always existed.

This conflict continues today as large corporations, in pursuit of more wealth, attempt to give less and less to those making them wealthy. The Chinese labor model is a dream come true for American businesses. Corporate America will not bring jobs home until they have an American slave market patterned after the Chinese at their disposal.

Most American workers provide far more toward the profitability of a company, than they are paid for their efforts. No company can survive without its workers and when employees make a company prosperous, that company is obligated to share in the profits its workers created. That is of course, if the labor boss appreciates those making him wealthy.

If labor bosses are driven so hard by their greed they cannot be aware of the people making them rich, then they need to invest in Chinese labor camps where they can denigrate and beat down their employees with impunity and suffer no consequences. Pardon me! That's exactly what American business is doing now.

The attitude of American businessmen has really gone to the dogs in my lifetime. There was a day in our country where if you worked more than eight hours in a day, you were paid overtime. You didn't have to work more than 40 hours in a week. If you worked graveyard shift, you were paid more. If you worked on Sunday, you were paid time and a half. If you worked on a holiday, you were paid two and a half times your hourly wage. More if you worked more than eight hours. These things were versions of family values practiced by all. These are Union family values.

American businesses did these things universally across our nation. Union mandates were not necessary. Laws were not necessary. American businessmen were better people and appreciated the sacrifice of the workers making them a profit. This all occurred when the American middle class exploded upon the world and made America the envy of all.

Today, we are all witness to the ravages of greed. There is a constant effort to pay workers as little as possible in the pursuit of profit. Don't pay women as much as men when they do the same job. Let children work for a lower wage in order to make more profit. Pay no benefits. Enslave the American worker as much as possible to enhance profit.

Scheme and connive ways to circumvent labor laws with no regard for the welfare of workers. Show a total lack of gratitude for the people making labor bosses wealthy. Ship jobs overseas where it is easier to enslave workers and increase profits. Loyalty to employees is completely absent. Loyalty to our nation is sacrificed in pursuit of profit.

Bernie Sanders is right. It will take men like him (or Hillary) to make American businesses become ethical again and participate in building the American dream, for all. We are not Chinese. We are better than those fascist communist pigs enslaving its workers in order to increase their profits for them and the benefit of American slave masters.

We must restore honor and ethics within the labor market either in law or the American worker must take to the streets shedding blood once more for labor rights. Big business will not treat workers honorably by themselves. They must be forced to do so. It may take radical action to rectify the problem.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Supreme Court will decide whether to end Obamacare subsidies for 6.4 million Americans

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My Comment:

I am a Democrat because I care for others less fortunate than me.

Stories about Health Care are always interesting. It's not the subject matter of the story that provides the best reading. It's the comments, following stories about health care, warranting the most concern.

Reading the comments attached to this story, it has become apparent our nation has lost all sense of family. Most people opposing the ACA quite literally advocate letting fellow Americans die on the sidewalks and then they will proudly step over their dead bodies. They will have no concern for anyone but themselves.

Many opponents of the ACA are saying Veterans down on their luck should just die if they can't pay the exorbitant fees corporations charge. Profiteering from people's misery is acceptable now. Handicapped and mentally retarded Americans can die because no one will miss them anyway. Defending the least among us is an idea from the past.

Children can simply grow up with deformities acquired when they were young because those children do not belong to the selfish, self-centered opponents of the ACA. Many people have lived their whole lives mooching off society when they get ill or injured. They have never purchased health insurance but see nothing wrong when they need free health care. However, if an elderly person not related to them needs medical attention, let them die.

There is a total lack of empathy within many circles in America and they want control of our country. Many of the comments following this story come from the "ME ME" portion of society. They are very self-righteous and care only for themselves. They are the worst of society and they don't know it. They cannot be cured until they realize something is wrong with them.

 This coming election is between those with empathy for fellow Americans and those who could care less about those less fortunate than they are. The election is between those who believe, "there go I but for the grace of God" and those who have no concern for anyone but themselves.

The election will be a confrontation between those with a sense of family and those who care only for themselves. I am a Democrat because I care for others less fortunate than me.