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Monday, June 29, 2015

NY Gov. Cuomo: Captured convict 'critical but stable'

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My comment
This has been a case of overkill by the media. This story is not nearly as big as they made it out to be. The police got to dress up in their costumes, blood thirsty Americans got to salivate at the prospect of killing these guys and the American public got to be scared again.

It is so easy to manipulate public reaction in our country. This story never had any relevance on a national scale. Maybe it had some interest to those in the local area but people in Texas didn't have to hide in their cellars and shake in fear.

Americans are such chickens today. It makes one wonder how today's society would have held up when the Soviets had 10,000 nuclear warheads aimed at us during the Cold War. Brave people in those days did not shake in fear and they prevented a nuclear war. If people were as scared back then as they are today, people exploiting that fear would have destroyed mankind.

Just imagine what would have happened if Cheney/Bush were in charge during the Cuban Missile Crises. Who is elected president does matter. We all like to brag about how tough we are as a nation. Let's start showing some of that bravery.
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