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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How Antonin Scalia Could Undo A Key Part of Obama’s Green Legacy

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My comment:
Gary Smith you are right too. It's all about regulation mechanisms. I'm getting pretty old now so I've gathered a few experiences along the road. Opposition to regulation kills people.

I've been in places where you can't drink the water or eat the fish. I've lived in towns where very high cancer rates occurred because the air was killing people. I've seen children die because profits were more important than kids’ lives.

Attending those funerals is very sad. Usually the people, who can do the least to solve the problem, are the ones dying. Throughout the industrial age, corporations have had little regard for people’s lives. When it becomes apparent they are killing people, someone has to step in and do something. Corporations will keep killing people so remote owners can have another mint julep, if something isn't done.

I agree that over regulation can harm job creation. There has to be a middle ground. At the same time, if producing a product, enhancing the financial welfare of stockholders, not having to die because of the manufacturing process, perhaps that product should not be produced.

Somebody along the way has to say, "Human lives matter".
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