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Monday, April 27, 2015

Supporters of Senate Iran bill swatting away amendments

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My comment:

      It's hard to believe Republicans want to scrap negotiations with Iran and increase the probability of yet another war. Their recent behavior seems as though they want to destroy Iran. Republicans claim war is not their goal, yet everything they do on this subject, leaves no other option.
Obstructionist L. Graham

      Humiliating Iran repeatedly will leave that country no other option but to resist America and fight for their honor. There are elements within American society practicing delusions of superiority over other races and other religions. Being drunk with power because of the size of our military, they believe they can tell anyone they please what to do.

      It is the combination of Superiority, military power and a willingness to kill hundreds of thousands of people for false reasons that has much of the world worried. Iran has good reason to be concerned.

      In some small way, you can't blame Iran for wanting the bomb. If there were any country in the world needing regime change, it would be North Korea. However, they have the bomb and we leave them alone. Iran has learned this very simple lesson.

      Threatening to scuttle negotiations and then use military power, will not elicit our goal of preventing a nuclear-armed Iran. Our attitude will only drive Iran to get the bomb for their own protection. Perhaps if America had not killed half a million Muslims in the last decade, Iran might feel a little more secure when dealing with us. Perhaps if a major political party in America was not so belligerent, Iran might feel more confident about American intentions.

      One thing is for sure. Threatening to neutralize any agreement today, backstabbing the President, does not lend itself to a confident feeling within Iran. America has become an unreliable partner in these negotiations with Iran because of a militant major political party within our borders.

      The other parties involved in negotiations should expel America from the talks and continue a deal regarding Iran. Republicans have made us unreliable, war like and a scourge on the world. Kick the children out and let the adults do the rest of the talking.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ted Cruz Raises $4 Million in His First Week Running For President

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My Comment:
The bitterness and hatred for anyone not like Cruz is not limited to Cruz only. In order to collect large amounts of money, one must appeal to thinkers on the same page. Therein lies the problem festering in America today.

Ted Cruz is a liar, plain and simple. He exploits people’s deepest fears and does it without any guilt.
His Dominionist religious views allow him to say anything and do anything because he is guided by God (so he thinks). He does not care what people think or what harm his ideas will do to people. He exhibits the strongest delusion of superiority of any prospective candidate seeking the Presidency.

There is a growing movement in this country, which no longer believes in the government, or principals America was founded on. The common person is just something to be manipulated. Civil Liberties mean nothing. Equal protection under the law means nothing. Rich people are the only Americans worthy of protection. The Supremacy Clause means nothing.

Latent Confederate Traitors have re-emerged to destroy our nation. Slick golden-tongued con artists like Ted Cruz are nothing more than tools to be used in order to obtain the goals of the elite. Anyone investing millions of dollars into Ted Cruz has only ill intent for America. There is an agenda, advocated by the elite, providing nothing for the peons in America.

The Chinese labor force is their model. A Chinese style government is their dream. That way, maximum profits can be obtained. Ted Cruz is an unwitting tool for those shadowy people, manipulating our government in secrete. It only goes so far though. In time, the people rise up and when they do it's not very pretty. The French solved their elite problem by putting them all to the chopping block. I hope that it will not come to that here.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 Presidential Bid

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My comment:

This will be a campaign of hate verses hope. It will be an election about despising blacks and keeping them from voting. It’s about whether Latinos are as good as white people, or not. It's about women having equal pay and those who think otherwise. It's about letting people have a living wage or protecting corporate profits.
The election is about those who hate our government and want to see it fail and those who still believe in the ideas of our founding fathers. It's about those wanting secession and those who still love our nation. The election will be about the Supremacy Clause and the Tenth Amendment.
We will have to choose between those who think more guns means fewer killings and those
who think fewer guns mean fewer killings. A choice will be made whether women have a right to make their own health decisions or old men in government make those decisions for women.
A choice will be made about whether we help the least among us, or step over their dead bodies in the streets. Do we allow more religion in government? Do we preserve the Separation of Church and State? Do we allow Wall Street to steal our Social Security and Medicare? Shall we protect Social Security and Medicare from greedy predators?
Should we fear our own shadow and brandish automatic assault rifles when we shop at Sears? Instead, should we respect others fear of such weapons in the public marketplace?  Will common sense people rule this country or do we allow the most paranoid among us determine the law?
Do we have perpetual war with Fundamentalist Christians in constant conflict with Fundamentalist Muslims? Have we not learned there is a segment of our society that masturbates over the pictures of dead people? Will we let those who believe they are superior to others because of their religion conduct foreign policy? Will America finally stand up to the braggarts and boasters and stop the belligerence?
This will be a campaign pitting those who hate women, blacks, Latinos, gay people, Democrats, Liberals and just about anyone not like them, verses an all-inclusive acceptance of not just our fellow citizens but all people in the world.
It is about racism and the lack thereof. It's about discrimination of tax paying gay Americans or allowing equal protection under the law. The election will be about boasting, bragging and belligerence, verses people who are humble peace loving individuals who believe the meek shall inherit the earth. Common sense verses insanity. Will the American dream continue or shall we witness its destruction by the worst elements in American society?
Blessed are the peacekeepers. Never let Republicans get control. The worst among us now fill Republican ranks. They cannot govern. Look what they did to us in the Bush years. Witness their obstructionism in the Obama years. Watch them advocate for war today. See them try to destroy the United States of America with threats of secession. Let Republicans get control at your own peril.

Tom Cotton’s four-day war against Iran

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My Comment:
I'd like to see the other countries, negotiating a deal with Iran on their nuclear program, kick the United States out of the negotiations and proceed without America. It has become clear the United States is no longer a nation that can be taken at its word.

Tom Cotton and his fellow traitors have interfered with and threatened to destroy any agreement to limit nuclear proliferation by Iran. In addition, Republicans in the United States Congress are threatening war with Iran and if a Republican President is elected in 2016, the prospect of war is very likely.

Republicans have turned America into an unreliable partner regarding agreements with any nation and have presented America as a warmongering state willing to use its nuclear arsenal in order to get its way. As one Republican said, "we need a President willing to use nuclear weapons on a Muslim nation". This is not an isolated opinion. The nuclear option is widely supported in the Republican Party.

Kick the United States out of the negotiations and proceed with an Iranian deal without America. Lift the embargo on Iran, upon a negotiated agreement by those countries still possessing credibility. Inspections do not depend on American participation. An embargo imposed by the United States will mean nothing if the rest of the world ignores it.

The world needs to single out the dangerous attitudes of the Republican Party emphasizing they are not against America as a whole but they oppose the people that have been aggressors in a modern world. The same people that killed hundreds of thousands of people based a lies, are once again demonstrating their militaristic attitude. Those people are Republicans.

Kick the United States out of current and future negotiations until the day America can quell its aggressive Republicans. When America demonstrates, they can be relied upon to keep its word and no longer threaten perpetual war, only then allow America back onto the world stage.

Senators focusing on bill to limit nuclear deal with Iran

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My Comment:
The P5+1 should become the P4+1. The United States is no longer a reliable negotiating partner because of Republican resistance to anything Obama does. It is clear Republicans want war instead of peace and their cause is being spurred on by Israel.

The European Union, Germany, China, France, United Kingdom and Russia should resolve to
Republicans interfering with diplomacy
continue negotiations with Iran without the participation of America. The new P4+1 should jointly declare the United States a warmongering nation and the same people who waged war with Iran based on lies, are now in power.

The United States Senate has already nullified negotiations, when 47 Republican Senators backstabbed the President. The United States cannot be relied upon to honor any commitment by the P5+1. Therefore, negotiations should continue without the United States. America should be banned from the negotiations.

The rest of the world can lift sanctions on Iran and the United States can do nothing about it. If the United States threatens war, they will have to do it unilaterally. The new P4+1 should declare they will not aid America with their aggression. Issues with Iran can be resolved without American help. Republicans have rendered out nation moot.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill takes shot at Duke after title win

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My comment:
Unfortunately, telling the truth always gets people in trouble. The closer to the truth one gets, the more trouble they get into. Telling the truth is not in style today.

I'm not trying to denigrate Duke players or any other college sports personalities. If professional teams want to pay out the big bucks, then more power to the athletes. However, MckasKill is right.

Comments on this story, a non-political story, illustrate the bitterness and hatred one party in our nation practices. The fact that Clair MckasKill spoke the truth means nothing. The fact she is female and a Democrat means everything. The bitter name-calling and vitriol demonstrated by many commentators on this story illustrate my point. I'll bet if a female Republican had said the same thing, much of the bitterness expressed today, would not exist.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tennessee governor not among army of speakers at NRA event

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My comment:
The National Rifle Association's annual meeting is usually a circus event. Only the most extreme and rabid gun owners spend their time and money going to a convention in which nothing will be accomplished. The majority of NRA membership will not be attending because they are not as political as the extremists that have taken over the NRA.

Most NRA members are not interested in overthrowing our government. However, in attendance at the convention will be several thousand members who belong to a militia of some type. You know the type. They run around in the woods practicing for the day they can kill their fellow Americans. They fantasize about killing Federal officers of the law in particular.

The majority of NRA members are not like those militia types. They are much too normal to entertain ideas of killing Americans. The extremists at the convention will spread all kinds of fear mongering propaganda about how those jack booted ATF officers are going to kick your door down and confiscate your weapons. Normal NRA members are not worried about that.

Radical elements of the NRA in attendance at the convention will be calling for mandatory gun ownership. They will say everyone should have an assault rifle in case they have to bring our government down. The convention will be against any background checks because convicted felons and crazy people should be allowed to have assault rifles.

Elementary school children should be allowed to pack heat and if they become frightened, they can kill a fellow fourth grader and suffer no consequences. After all, not as many little kids at Sandy Hook would have died if some of those children had been armed.

The National Rifle Association's annual meeting is going to be quite a spectacle. You will hear many hate speeches about Obama and Democrats in general. Scattered in the audience will be racially charged signs with plenty of insults for black, brown and gay people. There will be a competition among the participants to see who can express the most hatred towards fellow Americans. There will be plenty of conversation advocating genocide against Iran.

All will be packing guns in an effort to show everyone watching, what big tough people they are. Your only consolation, after watching all the sound bites coming out of Nashville, is the knowledge that most NRA members are not like those people attending the convention. I am a lifetime member of the NRA and the disgusting display of dysfunctional morons at the NRA Annual Convention will be both embarrassing and shameful. I long for the day when the NRA regains its honor.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cruz, McConnell Urge High Court to Leave Gay Marriage to States

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My Comment:
The philosophy of letting the states decide important issues regarding civil liberties is a much bigger story than gays wanting to get married. Gay tax paying American citizens, wanting the same liberties granted all Americans, does not come as a surprise. African Americans and women once demanded equal protection under the law and eventually achieved their goal.

The big story on this issue is the resurgence of an opinion that individual states should have the authority to define which civil liberties are granted or denied its citizens, based on a state-by-state interpretation of civil rights. Under the philosophy of "States Rights" African Americans and women would probably enjoy different civil liberties according to the state they lived in.

Under the thinking of Cruz and McConnell, if states can individually decide whether tax paying American citizens can vote or not, many states would deny that privilege to women and blacks. Under a "States Rights" political organization, there would not be a United States of America.

Under a "States Rights" dominated government, each state would have the power to define the meaning of all existing civil liberties, taken for granted by Americans. Each state, determining which civil liberties are granted or denied to its people, would create by default, 50 different countries, all acting differently from one another. In other words, we would have a Confederate States of American on the North American continent.

A "States Rights" mentality is inherently dangerous to the existence of our nation. Regarding civil liberties, Cruz and McConnell are dead wrong on letting individual states determine whether people can marry whom they please, or allow a state to interfere based on a religious opinion.

Allowing each state to spiral off into its own set of laws regarding civil liberties, would in reality nullify the "Supremacy Clause", the "Due Process Clause" and the "Equal Protection Clause" of our Constitution. In other words, Cruz and McConnell are advocating dissolving the United States of America. They are not friends of America.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Indiana Pizzeria Tells Local News Station They Won’t Serve Same-Sex Marriages

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My comment:
The majority of Gay people in America are Christian. Christians setting themselves apart from Christians is nothing new. There are a thousand different kinds of Christians all over the world and they cannot get along any better than all the different Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist religions can.

The problem with government passing a law allowing a religion to discriminate is that once you give religion (any religion) an inch, they want a mile. Government cannot say it is all right for a particular religion to discriminate and then tell other religions they cannot.

Empowering a particular religion to exercise their belief system only once is like trying to eat only one peanut. It cannot be done. You can bet your last dollar, flushed with success on this issue; Christians will be emboldened to nullify all protections from the excesses of religion our nation has always strived to prevent.

There has never been a successful government dominated by a religion, in the history of humankind. The most successful governments have always been secular. As long as those governments remain secular, that government will be relatively successful. America in the past is a good example.

Our government is beginning to fail because of the creeping influence of religion in public affairs. All strife, all conflict on our domestic front, is emanating from Fundamentalist Christianity. Talk of secession, nullification laws, taxpayer-funded churches, school prayer, discrimination against gays, the war on women, all flows from the Fundamentalist Christian movement in America. The list goes on forever.

There are many threats in this world but none more dangerous to this nation than a religious threat from within our borders. One can see the disease of religious tyranny spreading all over our nation as states, taken over by religious fanatics impose the most outrageous laws on the common man. If these religious enemies of state are not stopped, our secular government will end.