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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tom Cotton’s four-day war against Iran

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My Comment:
I'd like to see the other countries, negotiating a deal with Iran on their nuclear program, kick the United States out of the negotiations and proceed without America. It has become clear the United States is no longer a nation that can be taken at its word.

Tom Cotton and his fellow traitors have interfered with and threatened to destroy any agreement to limit nuclear proliferation by Iran. In addition, Republicans in the United States Congress are threatening war with Iran and if a Republican President is elected in 2016, the prospect of war is very likely.

Republicans have turned America into an unreliable partner regarding agreements with any nation and have presented America as a warmongering state willing to use its nuclear arsenal in order to get its way. As one Republican said, "we need a President willing to use nuclear weapons on a Muslim nation". This is not an isolated opinion. The nuclear option is widely supported in the Republican Party.

Kick the United States out of the negotiations and proceed with an Iranian deal without America. Lift the embargo on Iran, upon a negotiated agreement by those countries still possessing credibility. Inspections do not depend on American participation. An embargo imposed by the United States will mean nothing if the rest of the world ignores it.

The world needs to single out the dangerous attitudes of the Republican Party emphasizing they are not against America as a whole but they oppose the people that have been aggressors in a modern world. The same people that killed hundreds of thousands of people based a lies, are once again demonstrating their militaristic attitude. Those people are Republicans.

Kick the United States out of current and future negotiations until the day America can quell its aggressive Republicans. When America demonstrates, they can be relied upon to keep its word and no longer threaten perpetual war, only then allow America back onto the world stage.
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