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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 Presidential Bid

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My comment:

This will be a campaign of hate verses hope. It will be an election about despising blacks and keeping them from voting. It’s about whether Latinos are as good as white people, or not. It's about women having equal pay and those who think otherwise. It's about letting people have a living wage or protecting corporate profits.
The election is about those who hate our government and want to see it fail and those who still believe in the ideas of our founding fathers. It's about those wanting secession and those who still love our nation. The election will be about the Supremacy Clause and the Tenth Amendment.
We will have to choose between those who think more guns means fewer killings and those
who think fewer guns mean fewer killings. A choice will be made whether women have a right to make their own health decisions or old men in government make those decisions for women.
A choice will be made about whether we help the least among us, or step over their dead bodies in the streets. Do we allow more religion in government? Do we preserve the Separation of Church and State? Do we allow Wall Street to steal our Social Security and Medicare? Shall we protect Social Security and Medicare from greedy predators?
Should we fear our own shadow and brandish automatic assault rifles when we shop at Sears? Instead, should we respect others fear of such weapons in the public marketplace?  Will common sense people rule this country or do we allow the most paranoid among us determine the law?
Do we have perpetual war with Fundamentalist Christians in constant conflict with Fundamentalist Muslims? Have we not learned there is a segment of our society that masturbates over the pictures of dead people? Will we let those who believe they are superior to others because of their religion conduct foreign policy? Will America finally stand up to the braggarts and boasters and stop the belligerence?
This will be a campaign pitting those who hate women, blacks, Latinos, gay people, Democrats, Liberals and just about anyone not like them, verses an all-inclusive acceptance of not just our fellow citizens but all people in the world.
It is about racism and the lack thereof. It's about discrimination of tax paying gay Americans or allowing equal protection under the law. The election will be about boasting, bragging and belligerence, verses people who are humble peace loving individuals who believe the meek shall inherit the earth. Common sense verses insanity. Will the American dream continue or shall we witness its destruction by the worst elements in American society?
Blessed are the peacekeepers. Never let Republicans get control. The worst among us now fill Republican ranks. They cannot govern. Look what they did to us in the Bush years. Witness their obstructionism in the Obama years. Watch them advocate for war today. See them try to destroy the United States of America with threats of secession. Let Republicans get control at your own peril.
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