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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Can you believe Americans want to torture?

EXCLUSIVE-Most Americans support torture
against terror suspects -poll

From a story located at:

My comment:
Yes, terrorists are protected under American law. The United States authored (most all of it) the Geneva Conventions. The Senate ratified the Treaty and a sitting President signed the Treaty into law. Under the constitution, Treaties are the law of the Land. Read up. You'll see that I'm right.

Just imagine this were an American soldier being tortured
After WWII, the United States hunted down, put on trial, convicted two Japanese soldiers, then executed them for Waterboarding US soldiers. Waterboarding is illegal under the treaties we signed and therefore, is a crime.

We have choices now. We can say our government was right to execute Japanese soldiers for waterboarding our prisoners during the Bataan Death March, or we can say our government committed a crime for wrongfully executing Japanese soldiers. How patriotic are you, anyway?

             The President of the United States can wave a wand and nullify US treaties. It's a hole in our Constitution that needs to be fixed. That’s what George W. Bush did to keep from being prosecuted under various War Crimes Treaties we signed. You do know, under the rule of law, G.W. Bush is a War Criminal, don’t you? Hold on though! He’s a hero to some of you sick bastards.

Convenient for him. However, do we want to nullify the Geneva Conventions just so a bunch of arm chair warriors can sit around and masturbate over photos of tortured people? Haven’t you read? Torture doesn’t work. Advocating torture is rather un-American of you. Do you understand what this country stands for Mr. Trumpster and followers? Personally, I don’t want your kind running this country.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. You people cheering for torture will need to shut up when an American soldier is tortured. That day is coming you know. When an American soldier is tortured, pro-torture freaks need to shut your mouths. You have no right to say anything. You may be responsible for US soldiers being tortured in the future.

Those of us against torture are the only ones who can protest torture of our troops. Don’t worry, the adults among us will object for you. Meantime, you little children keep playing in your sandbox and don’t get any sand in your underwear. That might hurt.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What's wrong with America? REPUBLICANS!

Obama calls on journalists to hold candidates accountable

When The world asks, "What's wrong with America"? the answer is, the Republican Party. Obama makes a reasonable proposal encouraging the media to be more responsible and start doing a better job and you would think he was proposing the overthrow the United States.

All one has to do is read the comments by Republicans regarding this story to find out what's wrong with America. The level of hatred Republicans express is what's wrong with this country. There are very few constructive observations offered by these Republicans. The rhetoric is nothing more than lies born from racist hatred.

I spend a lot of time reading the comments related to political stories, every day. Very often, the real story is not the subject of the column. The real story is the level of hatred and lies expressed by Republicans no matter the subject. The level of contempt by rank and file Republicans has been encouraged by the RNC and no matter how outrageous comments and behavior becomes, the RNC says nothing. Silence is acceptance and the Republican Party has gone astray.

The entire Republican party, including the ones who are supposed to be the good ones, is responsible for people around the world asking, “What’s wrong with America”? At the risk of invoking the old German disaster, there are similarities between the hatred practiced in Nazi days and the hatred in America today. The German’s temporarily spiraled down into a world of lies, hatred and superiority. Now we see similar behavior by an element of American culture.

           That’s why people around the world are asking, “What’s wrong with America?” The world has a long memory and the vision of Nazi Germany invokes disgust and revulsion. When elements of American culture behave similarly to the early days of Nazi Germany, the world takes notice. German Nazi’s thought they were wonderful much the way Republicans think they are superior in America.

That is what all this hatred is based on, isn’t it? One can trace back all the lies and vitriol by Republicans, on almost any subject, to a delusion of grandeur practiced by white Republicans. That is what Donald Trump has tapped into. Delusions of white supremacy.

One can see elements of this belief on any subject confronting the nation today. Supremacy, hatred and lies by the Republican Party is what has captured the world’s attention. If you want an example of what I am talking about, read the comments associated with this story

Monday, March 28, 2016

Trump Supporters Should not Be Running This Country

How the G.O.P. Elite Lost Its Voters to Trump
From a story located at:

My comment:
          People falling on hard times because they have been such screw ups all their lives is not new. What a surprise! When they were in high school they just messed around and got average grades. Not good enough to go to college. They began working at a dead-end job with no hope of doing better. They started alcohol abuse very early in life and engaged in drugs and never stopped. What a surprise they are such failures. They will never admit why they are failures either.

          It's also no surprise someone like Trump can come along and promise to fix all their problems by circumventing the Constitution.  All he has to do is wave a wand and make the self-inflicted wounds white America imposed on themselves go away. If it takes a little dictatorship to solve their problems, so be it.

          Of course, cry baby failures, have always turned to dictatorship to solve their problems. What stupid and lazy failures never realize, is that no matter the system, their lethargic alcohol and drug induced anemic performance, does not get better if someone like Trump comes along and suspends the Constitution.

    Trump, addressing make believe problems and promising to make up the inadequate performance of uneducated white trash through the use of proclamations, will not address the issues trailer trash have today. If you are a lazy creep, impaired with drugs and alcohol, unable to do little more than sign your name, Donald Trump will not make you better. Your problems will still be there, with Trump or without.

           You still have to wake up, look at your bad teeth in a mirror, clear off the empty beer cans from your sink, decide it’s not worth taking a bath and fail to change the underwear you have been wearing for two weeks. By noon, push your broken trailer door open, blame everyone in the world for your problems and tell your neighbor all they have to do is vote for Trump and everything will get better.

          Assuming of course, your neighbor can get up by noon.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Ted Cruz Affairs? Knowing Women - It's possible

The National Enquirer Runs Story of Multiple Ted Cruz Affairs…
From a story located at:

My comment:
          One cannot make a comment on this story without irritating someone. On one hand, Cruz is so greasy awful it's hard to believe any woman would have an affair with him. On the other hand, it's not hard to believe that women are attracted to wealth and power more than they are to a person's looks.

          I tend to believe the latter. Sometimes I'll see this gorgeous woman, perfect in every way, with the ugliest fat slob. Physically, it's just not possible in my mind. Then I'll see the couple getting into a very expensive car and everything becomes clear.

        This is my bad for even mentioning this phenomenon. It's just that all my life I have lost women to abusive unwashed slobs simply because they had more money than me. I think for women, wealth and power is more important than looks or character. Oh brother! I’ll be in trouble for sure now.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Horrible People Excuse Torture - Why are they always Republicans?

Clinton hits Trump, Cruz for Brussels response: 
'Slogans aren't a strategy' 

From a story located at:

My comment:
          We can suspend the Geneva Conventions and the War Crimes Treaties we signed into law years ago but it doesn't mean other countries will ignore treaties they signed, just so they can placate us. Commit war crimes and other countries are obligated under their laws, to prosecute our war criminals or arrest and transport them to wherever they can be tried.

         Shrub Jr. waved a wand and nullified the war crimes treaties our country entered into. However, he isn't safe. That's why you won't see Rumsfeld, Rice, Cheney and Bush going into countries who still honor the War Crimes Treaties. They have been accused of War Crimes. They would be arrested, under the terms of the Treaties and sent off for trial. Not every nation is as lawless as we are.

         Trump could conduct torture all he wants because there is no shortage of Americans willing to torture people to death. Many would do it for fun!

Americans would torture for fun? Yes they would. Many Americans today brag about how they would do it. There are many Americans walking our streets today who have tortured and murdered during our last wars. Society gives them a free pass and now those monsters are your next door neighbor.

         Donald Trump claims he would order Americans to torture. Some of those people would die from the torture they received. Under Bush, Americans sometimes tortured innocent people to death and the Bush Administration would pat them on the back. Then Bush nullified our War Crimes Treaties in order to protect the murderers and to prevent prosecution for Bush issuing the orders. Many Americans approved of this outcome.

         Trump wants to continue this unlawful business and claims he would order even worse.
Millions of Americans will vote for him. If you want a good example of how morally corrupt portions of the American people have become, look no further than this subject.

         However, Trump would be indicted as well as those who do the torturing, by nations possessing more honor than America. Before long, Trump couldn't venture outside our borders any more than the War Criminals from the Bush Administration. Has anyone seen Bush set foot into Canada? No, and you won't either. You see, they still have laws up there.

          Here is how it goes. The international community banned war crimes which includes waterboarding. Everyone signed treaties agreeing to prosecute war criminals and arrangements were made worldwide to arrest and extradite accused war criminals for trial in the proper venue or location. Just because America breaks its treaties doesn't mean other countries will do the same.

That's how the law works. Water boarding is an international war crime and guys like Bush and Trump are not immune to the law just because they say so. I'm really sorry but US Presidents are not above International law. All you criminals supporting war crimes need to shut up. Your kind of human being is so out of style.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Muslim Genocide is just around the corner! Hillary is needed to stop this kind of outcome!

Attacks on Brussels airport, metro kill 34 - public broadcaster
Yea, this is a gloomy comment. Not something I hope for. However, it may come to pass.

Inspiration for my comment is located at:

My comment:
          Let's hope reasonable people like Hillary, are in charge if something big happens. When the Cuban Missile Crises occurred, can you just imagine the outcome if someone like Trump were in charge? Fortunately, we had John F. Kennedy calling the shots and mankind was saved.

         Big events require big people and Business people with no governmental experience won't cut the mustard. In a crises, you want someone like Hillary because her experience and wisdom could very well save mankind, the way Kennedy did.

          Inch by inch, Muslim terrorists are creeping closer to a terror attack that will kill hundreds of thousands. It's inevitable. It's the world we live in today. Terrorists will keep killing indiscriminately and much of the killing will come from the Muslim world. One day, a terror attack will stop the world’s heart. Then, the world will stop the hearts of Muslims.

          I’ll bet there are some people in Brussels who are ready for a genocide of the Muslim world. People who have lost loved ones. People like Trump exist in all Western Countries and they are willing to kill everyone in order to solve the problem. Don’t misconstrue what I am saying. I don’t advocate genocide but there are plenty who do.

         Terrorism has become a problem I have no answer for. Self preservation says to deal with the problem and it is either kill or be killed. When in Vietnam, if a North Vietnamese soldier came upon you in the night, with the intent to kill you, gun blazing, the answer was simple. You pulled the trigger. But don't think you will not regret what you did later. If you are normal, taking a life in combat is no simple matter. It stays with you all your life. Even with all the excuses.
          Normal people would prefer not killing someone. It's the kind of business you never forget and as one gets older, the deed weighs heavily on your mind. With age, the memory is more pronounced. I have found most people don't understand what I'm saying about this. That's why there are new wars, generation after generation.

          There were a few sick Americans in the Nam who did enjoy killing but we normal people, stayed away from that kind of individual. You didn't want to make friends with that sort. You knew there was something fundamentally wrong with people who seemed to like killing people and bragged about it. That's probably why I stay away from Christian Churches today.

          While G.W. Bush and his military were killing all those innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq, American Christians were bragging and boasting about all the death being wrought and rooting for more. I stay away from Christians now, for the same reason I avoided deranged individuals in the Nam. I can't put my finger on it exactly, but American Christians went wrong somewhere along the way. Is it just American Christians?

         However, slowly, but ever so assuredly, the Muslim world will bring about the big one. I can imagine the French using nuclear weapons to extinguish the problem if Paris is obliterated and there are a few million dead Frenchmen. If a million Russians are killed on Putin’s watch, I can visualize nuclear strikes even if they kill a few Jews. Putin and the Russians are just glorified Republicans set loose to do as they please. We have Putin style Americans all over our nation. One is running for POTUS.

          Here in America, it’s obvious millions of people would call for genocide of the Muslim world, if say a city like Chicago, experiences hundreds of thousands dead due to a biological attack brought on by some Jihadist. I was reading a comment in another article by a Trumpster supporter, wanting to round up all the Muslims in America and start shooting them dead. Unfortunately, he’s a typical Tea
Bagging Trumpster and there are millions of them. Hopefully they won't get control of the country.

         The day is coming when something horrible is going to happen and some world leader will do something even worse. The mentality for genocide exists all over the world. That mentality is very strong in America. Going by the rhetoric spewing out of the mouths of some politicians in America, genocide is not out of the question.

          There is nothing wonderful about the American people anymore. Just look at our politics and you will come away disgusted. All one can hope for is that someone like Hillary will take the helm and temporarily stem the tide of American insanity. There can be nothing worse than a bunch of Christians armed to the teeth wanting vengeance against a non- Christian culture. It’s happened before and will happen again. Trump is currently sucking up to them.

          What do you think? If a guy like Trump orders US missile crews to push the button, causing the death of millions of innocent Muslims, will those crews push the button? That was a big question during the Cold War as well. Will the annihilation of an American city bring about mass murder of the Muslim world?

          Probably! Especially if some big talker, on an ego trip like Trump, is in charge. Ted Cruz and his Dominionist ideas would not hesitate to slaughter millions of non-believers. His kind have a history of genocide. Just ask Blacks and Indians. It certainly would be true of Putin and the Russians. Afterall, America is getting to look a lot like Russia. Especially if that chicken hawk Donald Trump gets elected..

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Instead of Obama's Way, Let's Do To Cuba What We Did To Iraq

Cuba casts aside rancor to
welcome Obama on historic visit

Inspirational story located at:

My comment:
Same old story. Normalizing relations with Cuba is a good thing. Exposing them to American ideas is good. Showing them American ways is good. Ultimately, our way of life will prevail. Communism will be gone and Cuba can be a great place to go on vacation again. Among the many good things coming from Cuba we will get more great baseball players. All good! It took someone like Obama to do it. We can expect more good things to come from Hillary.

However, in the minds of many sick people in America (Trumpsters?), none of this is good. They prefer conflict. They want to unleash our military on Cuba and level all their buildings. They want at least a 100,000 men, women and children dead. 
Bush really enjoyed this.

They want all Cuban hospitals (filled with patients) demolished and their entire infrastructure destroyed, just like Iraq. They prefer a President taking personal pleasure in the hanging of Cuba's Communist leader. Did you see Bush when Saddam got hanged? Bush really enjoyed that.

That way another 100,000 people over the next ten years can die from lack of medical care and clean water. We can duplicate the wonderful success we had in Iraq. It will be another opportunity to brag about how wonderful we are. Sorry, just telling the truth here.

In our churches we can all sing praise to Jesus and make hero’s out of the people doing all the killing. Golden tongued pontificators can tell their congregations how there is no sin in killing those low class Hispanics and black people who mistakenly live in Cuba.  After all, because they aren’t white there is no sin in killing undesirables. It’s the “Old Sin Nature” theme which has made a comeback in America.

We could install a corrupt corporate run government the way we did in Iraq and steal from Cubans and American tax payers alike. Before long the Cubans will be kicking us out of their country the way the Iraq’s did and we’ll be right back to the way we were before we decided to save Cuba. We can do to Cuba what Bush did to Iraq and then boast about it. Now that's how you make friends, right?

I for one, prefer Obama's way. I totally reject the sycophant way. People supporting the likes of Trump want to kill everyone and I consider those people part of the sickness of America. That's part of what this coming election is about. It's between normal people and sick people. It's very simple Jack! Normal vs sick! If you ask me, this coming election is a good opportunity to see just how many sick people we have in America. It could be an eye opener.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Religious Superiority Afflicting America Past and Present

Merrick Garland Supreme Court Nomination:
Six in 10 Americans Approve

Inspirational Story:

My Comment:
          I'll bet the 36% that disapprove of Merrick Garland’s Supreme Court Nomination are Republicans. One of the symptoms, indigenous to Republicans, is their inability to understand "walk in someone else's shoes". If those shoes were on Republican feet, they would be screaming very loud right now. Can you imagine if Democrats were holding up a Supreme Court appointment by a Republican President, how much they would be crying?

          Another symptom of a Democrat versus a Republican is the amount of empathy one possesses.Democrats have empathy, Republican don’t. Democrats think about people other than themselves, Republicans don’t. Democrats would have confirmation hearings because it doesn’t occur to them to be self-centered hypocrites. “Do onto others as you would have done onto you” is practiced most by Democrats. That’s a philosophy which has escaped Republicans these days.

          Forget about displaying the Ten Commandments in public schools. Teach empathy and good manners and you will create a bunch of Democrats in the future. As soon as people start thinking of someone other than themselves, they start flirting with the Democrat Party. Empathy and good manners is more acceptable than the Ten Commandments because of the non-secular nature of empathy and good manners. It would also get better results.

          We are confronted with a political party suffering from a persecution complex, delusions of grandeur and a lack of empathy. In other words, they think everyone is persecuting them and they are better than everyone else. They could care less about anyone but themselves. It's called paranoia and when an individual suffers from the malady, it is very difficult to cure.

          When an entire segment of society suffers from social paranoia, bad things happen (like Germany for example). It is very difficult to cure society of social paranoia. It’s very difficult trying to convince people the boogie man is not chasing them and they are not smarter or better than you. Especially if they think you are the boogie man.

          That’s why you can’t talk to Republicans. It’s difficult to make a point with people who think they are better than you and believe with all their heart you are persecuting them. Have you ever noticed when talking to a paranoid Republican the conversation soon turns into them yelling very loudly, they won’t let you finish a sentence and they start calling you names?

          They immediately believe you are attacking them and how dare you attack them when you are inferior to them. This is especially true if they also enjoy a notion of religious superiority over you. There are all kinds of superiority beliefs. Racial and gender superiority are well known and come to mind.

          People don’t talk much about the most insidious version of superiority, religious superiority. America suffers a lot from delusions of grandeur practiced by fundamentalist Christians. It’s an old notion which has surfaced once again after a long dormant period on our shores.

          Earlier in our history, Indians and blacks suffered terribly at the hands of a Christian movement
thinking white Christians in particular were superior to other races and ethnic people. “The only good Indian was a dead Indian”. Our original Constitution thought Black human beings were only 2/3’s human. Manifest Destiny said all of North America belonged to whites only. All these notions were based on a belief in Christian Superiority.

          Something disastrous has to occur, as a result of social paranoia, before society corrects itself. Germany being pulverized during WWII, pretty much knocked delusions of grandeur out of the German people. America will need to suffer much more than they do today and be humiliated to a greater extent before social paranoia is eliminated.

          Before a disaster makes Americans humble once again we will experience many more years of Trumpster supporters. That is what we are witnessing with Trump, isn’t it? Large numbers of white people afraid of their own shadows and believing they are superior ethnically, racially, sexually and religiously. The driving force behind Donald Trump is white paranoia. Donald Trump has become a master of exploiting paranoia.

          Can the social paranoia plaguing America be cured with the election of a Democrat for POTUS? No, not likely. The sickness of large American segments of our population has been allowed to grow and fester. It’s at the point where very radical action becomes necessary for the cure. Democrats are not willing to do what it takes. Obama wasn’t willing to prosecute war criminals or Wall Street thieves. The cure for America will take someone stronger than Obama.

          I dread what will come of us. It’s not going to be very pretty in the future.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Root for Hillary as I do but get ready for failure

Republican control of our government is about to become a reality

      I am for Hillary 100%. However, I'm a little depressed with the state of our Union. Dark forces bent on destroying our nation are in control of almost everything. If Obama's experience is visited upon Hillary, nothing will get done. If Hillary becomes President and the Congress stays the same, you can expect the United States government to continue its failure. An outcome Republicans desire anyway.

      The DNC is doing a very poor job of scaring Americans sufficiently for effective change. Americans (especially democrats) have to be scared in order to overcome their apathy. Republicans have done a good job of scaring their electorate. In case you Hillary dreamers haven’t noticed, Republicans are turning out voters in these primaries and caucuses in far larger numbers than Democrats. An accurate prediction in the general election.

      Republican performance will only increase as the general election approaches. Democrat apathy
will defeat Hillary. Republican fear will make Trump President. Historic precedence and wonderful words will not get apathetic Democrats off their rear ends long enough to go vote.

      You have to scare Americans into believing their country and their way of life is about to come to an end if Trump and Republicans get total control of our government. The DNC and Hillary are failing in the need to scare Democrats in sufficient numbers to overcome scared authoritarian Republicans.

      Forces opposed to our form of government, going all the way back to the Constitutional Convention, have gathered once again. They attempted their point of view years ago and it cost America 600,000 lives. They are back and this time they want to alter America using our freedoms and our legal system to do it. They are on the verge of success.

      Large portions of the American public vote based on their hatred of Democrats. There is also a newly surfaced propensity for racism, sexism, bigotry and a love for authority. Hillary is wonderful but until a systemic change occurs within our society, Hillary's Presidency will fail if she becomes President.

      This is not an indictment of her. It is an indictment of the American people. For the first time in my life, I am doubting the wisdom of our people. Root for Hillary as I do but get ready for failure. Assuming of course, she is even elected. I’m scared of the possible consequences looming before us. Chances are, you are not afraid because you refuse to believe America can be altered so dramatically. Because Democrats do not have enough fear, they can lose.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

It seems Lying, Then Repeating the Lie, Has Become Normal with One Political Party

Winners and losers from Super Tuesday II

From a story located at: This comment is really about the people commenting on the story.

My comment:
It's amazing how all the Republican parrots repeat Republican talking points as though they were fact. Many comments today say with certainty that Hillary is a liar. Hillary is going to jail. In truth, repeating a Republican lie, that Hillary is a liar, is pretty ironic and is totally false. People who
knowingly repeat lies are especially despicable.

Repeating lies is so un-American. Someone should take the liars American flag away and prohibit them from ever flying the flag again. Repeating a lie over and over again, when there is no basis in fact, is an insult to Jesus whom so many worship and everything that has ever made this country great.

Tens of millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent by Republicans trying to paint Hillary as a liar and nothing has resulted in all their partisan witch hunts. Nothing! Republican parrots keep focusing on the false allegations that Hillary is a liar and she is going to jail only because they have been
manipulated by Golden Tongued Con Artists to repeat their lies. Just disgusting!

Republican parrots never accept the conclusion by multiple investigative committees that Hillary has done no wrong. This Email thing will go nowhere as well. If Republicans want to condemn Hillary for her private server, they better be ready to condemn many Republicans who are doing the same thing as we speak today. Most Republican politicians run their own private Email server and have done so for years.

Should Hillary become President, Republican hate mongers will keep repeating the lie fed to them by their propaganda masters all the way through her first term and into her second term if she is re-elected. Kind of like the repeated lies about how Obama is a Kenyan, Obama wasn't born in the USA, Obama is a Muslim, etc., etc.

Repeating lies over and over again despite the truth being out there seems to be a trait owned exclusively by Republicans. How can anyone trust a pack of liars? How can anyone want those liars to lead our country?

I might consider some Republican ideas but they keep lying about everything. They have proven to be such low class human beings it is hard to believe anything they say. Should the day come when Republican dreams come true and Hillary has actually done something wrong I will condemn her. Not until then.

I'll hold my judgement until something is proven in law. That's why I can still fly the American flag and many of you can’t.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It's easy to understand why Iran wants the Bomb

North Korean leader says will soon test nuclear warhead

From article located at:

My comment:
      People say they doubt North Korea's technological capabilities. Maybe it’s just me, but they don't sound very sure of themselves. When it comes to nuclear weapons, there should never be any if, then or else scenarios.

      Here in the United States we will always have jack asses making stupid remarks like Robert Barreca. below. What did he say? Let's see, "Fat Boy has nothing to fear from the United States since we have no leader. God help us if they send John Kerry who is an Obama Lapdog to arrange a treaty". This guy possesses zero logic and is a perfect example why you can't have his kind of Republican in charge of anything. Unfortunately, there are too many Republicans like him.

      Can you just imagine someone like "fruit for racist brains", Robert Barreca, sitting down across a table with the little leader from N. Korea negotiating matters concerning nuclear issues. I don't think that would work out too well. Astoundingly, we have a front running Presidential candidate on the Republican side who is closer in thinking with Robert Barreca, than is comfortable. I sure hope someone with brains, like Hillary, becomes President.

      As you can tell, I'm not commenting on the Little Man in North Korea. It would be nice if the Chinese government acted responsibly for a change and sent an army down there to take care of that rogue nation. However, don't count on China joining the International Community unless they can make a profit from the venture. 

      Come to think of it, if the America military industrial complex can make a profit from going into North Korea, we may be in there sooner than you think. It also depends on if some Republican wants a natural resource North Korea has. Since there isn’t anything there, it might explain why China hasn’t gone in. George Bush sure set a new standard for going to war, don’t you think?

      Some people insist on calling China a Communist State. They are wrong. If Big Business gets their way in America, China is just a preview of how America will be in twenty years. Jobs will not come back to our country until American workers become low paid Chinese Coolies with zero benefits and no unions to defend workers. Just a fact of life.

      So, I guess we are all sitting around waiting for the crazies in North Korea to incinerate some Asian city or even hit the American homeland. America is weary of war, China can’t make a profit, South Korea and Japan are too weak to send in ground forces and Russia is just loving the situation. 

      It makes you realize why Iran wants a nuclear weapon. With Republicans in the United States threatening to kill several hundred thousand Iranians, it makes since for Iran to get nuclear weapons. Look how safe North Korea has become.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Democrats Unite: Like the Union Army, Save Our Nation Again!

Democrats Unite: Don't Split Forces

 Recently I told a little story about my experience joining the Thom Hartmann Group on Facebook. It turns out Thom Hartmann is a Bernie supporter and that many BurnBots have migrated to his show because of his support. Over the years I have been a big fan of the Thom Hartmann show and my support for Thom precedes the time when Bernie Sanders was not even on my radar.

     Needless to say, I was attacked by rabid dog BurnBots because of my support for Hillary. I was irritated by Thom Hartmann’s fans at first and when I told my friends on Facebook (many Hillary supporters) they all launched into a blanket condemnation of BurnBots as well as Thom Hartmann and Bernie Sanders. I have since come to realize two Bandy Roosters going after each other in the barn yard is not such a good thing.

     Bernie supporters are very dedicated and I may disagree with who they support, however, I can also sympathize with their goals and complaints. I may be wrong but my perception of Bernie supporters is that they are the remnants of the 99er movement. This was a movement I supported 100%.

     While the Tea Party focused their grievances on the government, the 99er’s focused their attention on Corporate America. Both groups are highly charged, very emotional and very dedicated. In that respect, they have common factors contributing to their strength.

     Actually, Thom has been a big fan of Democratic socialism for years and would explain his
support for Sanders. I got the concept of the "Commons" from Thom. I don’t know if the “Commons” is an original term coined by Thom Hartmann, but I don’t care about that anyway. He, like Sanders have a strong belief in how well Scandinavian countries have done compared to America. Both men are correct of course. We can learn something from Democratic Socialism.

     Thom and Bernie have legitimate points to make and I would hope my favorite, Hillary, will adopt some of those ideas. In my mind, Hillary is more electable so I prefer the lady of destiny over the man with a cause. When it comes time, both Thom and Bernie will support our lady of calling. Just wait and see.

     Like any good liberal commentator, Thom Hartmann addresses shortcomings of our Democratic leaders and he is almost always right when evaluating political events. This is not the time to push him away, nor is it the time to push highly motivated Bernie supporters’ way. I don’t blame Thom or Bernie for the oddball behavior BurnBots. They can’t be explained any more than a Tea Bagger can.

     We will need Bernie and Thom on the battlefield when the lines are drawn. We are also going to need our well intentioned BurnBot buddies because the forces of wayward thinkers are very strong, very organized and very dedicated. They can beat us easily if we cut the throats of our allies.

     After Hillary gets the nomination, a percentage of Bernie supporters will take their ball and go home. Some diehards will write in Bernie’s name but they always hated Hillary anyway and were never going to vote for her. Some will stay home and not vote at all.

     There is nothing that can be done about people throwing tantrums. The people who don’t vote or write in someone who can’t win, will complain the loudest if Republicans take control of all branches of government. Of course, they won’t take responsibility for their frenzied behavior when they wasted their vote. Have you ever noticed there is no talking to those kind of people? Don’t even try.

     Another common trait emotional 99ers and Tea Baggers share, is their inability to listen to anyone but themselves. When talking to them, you cannot finish a single sentence before they interrupt you, call you a name or sometimes threaten you. Listening to other people and showing good manner is something our society has lost along the way. Ah yes! The lamentations of an old geezer remembering when good manners were common among people.

     People throwing tantrums are not very good Democrats and they just don’t get the big picture. They don’t understand the danger of electing a Republican POTUS when so much of our government is controlled by latent Confederate traitors. The only obstacle to a complete takeover of our government by people bent on destroying it, is a Democrat POTUS.

     Hopefully, Hillary will do better than Obama on that front. It will be a long time before Democrats take back the Congress. We are destined to have a divided government for many more years. If divided government means a Democrat in the White House, that may be good. Full control by Republicans is bad.

     So, after a day of feeble thinking I have decided it is not advantages to rant and rail against Thom Hartmann and Bernie Sanders. Bernie supporters have to be allowed to get over the fact their hero will not be the nominee. Bernie and Thom will come around and lend their full support as long as true Democrats accept temporary differences in favor of a Socialist. (Er…I mean Democratic Socialist).

     The coming election could be very close because a large portion of America has accepted racism, sexism, warmongering and the destruction of the government our Founding Fathers envisioned, as their way of life. Our form of government has always been deemed an experiment and opposed by those with different ideas.

     Opposition to our Federalist government has always been present. We even fought a big Civil War over the idea. In order to beat back a resurgent desire to turn our nation into fifty independent states, those of us who still love the United States of America will have to rise up and beat back the Confederate traitors, again.

     All Democrats need to join forces or we will lose our nation. Just look at the Republicans today! Does anyone think they will strengthen our current government or do you think they want to destroy it? Democrats know the answer to that question.

     Those bent on destroying America have just one common goal. They must vote against any Democrat and will support any Republican, because of a well cultivated hatred for their fellow Americans who still love their nation the way it is. This is not the time for Democrats to split their ranks.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

How long until the N. Korean problem is solved?

North Korea claims it could wipe out Manhattan with a hydrogen bomb

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My comment:
I'm not usually open to the idea of war but the talk coming out of North Korea does make one a little concerned. It is probably all talk now and they can't really do anything at this time but what about a couple years from now? It may be years before they are able to hit American cities but if they keep trying hard enough, they may be able to do it one day.

What about our allies in South Korea and Japan? They are under immediate threat right now. Apparently, North Korea does not understand the threat to their existence if they nuke one of our allies. At what point should we take North Korea seriously and end the threat of this rogue nation growing day by day.

Where is China in all this? It looks like China is not interested in the safety of Japan and South Korea. Or for that matter, the safety of the United States. Can China afford to lose all that business at Wal-Mart? They must be doing better than I thought. I bet Wal-Mart would hate losing all that cheap labor in China. Union free labor is right down Wal-Mart's alley. I wonder if Wal-Mart can calm things down. Maybe Wal-Mart can exploit slave labor in North Korea and alleviate the problem.

In fact, China looks as threatening as North Korea when you think about it. Continuing to support North Korea while the little man threatens mankind with nuclear weapons does not speak well of China. Just what we need! China turning into a bigger North Korea.

I wish they would knock it off because I like shopping at Wal-Mart.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

When one goes to a Trump rally, it is a place where America has died.

Analysis: Chicago chaos tests Trump promises of unity

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My comment:
     I'll tell ya' what. The protesters interrupting Trump's rallies are my kind of people. You may not like the protesters, but it takes guts to go into a festering pit of hatred and ignorance. Going into a place like that, knowing you could get injured or even killed takes more courage than the average person has.

     When I served in the military, people, like today's protesters were the ones I relied on the most. It takes a special kind of person to be so dedicated they are willing to lay down their lives for their beliefs. 

     Trump protesters are risking their lives, you know? The people they are engaged with are
violent and capable of murder. Their leader is inciting the most vile behavior. When one goes to a Trump rally, it is a place where America has died. Honor and respect to those who risk so much. They are the new American heroes.

     The day may come, when the mild and meek among us, will depend upon the Trump protesters to save the day. If someone like Trump becomes President and the current Republican Party, being what they are, gains control, it will take great courage to stop them. Words won't do the job. It will take strength and sacrifice on the streets. Blood may have to be spilled just as Union troops did, long ago.

     I remember the sacrifice the flower children paid to stop the insanity of Vietnam. I fought two wars during that era. One war in Southeast Asia, the other on American streets to stop the war. I shed blood in both wars. I witnessed flower children die for their cause. I am very proud to have participated with those brave souls who took a stand against insanity. I helped save more lives than I helped to take. I am very proud of that.

     One day, today's Trump protesters will grow old and they will reflect on the most exciting and meaningful days of their lives. Saving America is no small matter. Today, I am old and remember with absolute clarity the two wars I fought in the 60's. 

     Our new street warriors today will reflect on their deeds and brag how they once saved America from itself. When they are old, a new generation will ignore them when they tell their stories, just as I am ignored now. However, the cause Trump protesters dedicate themselves too, will never be forgotten by those who showed courage under the most stressful times of their lives.

     Again, honor and respect to the Trump protesters. Your courage has not gone unnoticed. The courage Trump protesters displayed is on a par with troops in our recent wars. A new generation has risen. Old geezers like me proudly pass the torch of righteousness onto the Trump protesters. Thank you for defending America. I wish I were young enough to join you.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Religious superiority is the exclusive property of white Americans.

Anti-Trump Republicans come to terms with Cruz nomination

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My comment:
First and foremost, like his father, Cruz is a Dominionist. He doesn't come out and say so because of the divisive nature of the philosophy but the notion of Dominionsm explains much of what Ted Cruz is about. If you ask Cruz directly if he is a Dominionist, he will deny it for political reasons.

"Dominionism" generally describes the belief that Christians are biblically mandated to control all earthly institutions until the second coming of Jesus (from an article published by the Huffington post). Ted Cruz is more than likely a follower of the New
Apostolic Reformation, which advocates for Christians to "reclaim the seven mountains of culture": government, religion, media, family, business, education, and arts and entertainment.

One of the striking personality characteristics of Dominionists is that they believe they are mandated by God to control everything, for the good of the non-believers. Because God guides them, mechanisms installed by government allowing people to vote and determine how they will live are deemed irrelevant. A Dominionist knows more than the people.

A Dominionist is, after all, guided by God and any political movement contrary to their perceived notion of what God wants, means nothing to them. In other words, voting only has meaning to the Dominionist if it gives him the power to enable his perception of what God wants. Once in office, he is free to do as he pleases as long as he thinks that is what God wants.

When Cruz shutdown the government costing American taxpayers 23 billion dollars, he was not concerned at all. He knew best because whatever he did was guided by God and to heck with the damage he caused to Republicans and Democrats alike.

Cruz is immune to criticism from people even in his own party. He is after all; a tool being used by God to save mankind. This notion is widely believed in Christian America. The growth of Christian Superiority has grown immensely in America just in the last twenty years.

The belief that only those who think “Jesus is Lord” or have been “Saved” can go to heaven, is as strong a notion of superiority as any practiced in the history of man. If you do not have those same beliefs, you are going to Hell according to many Americans. If you are destined for Hell, Christians are free to do as they please to you. Anything at all, including execution. Just ask Blacks and Indians what they think about religious superiority. 

Delusions of grandeur is rampant within American religious culture. It explains white only Christian schools. Religious superiority is the reason for all white only church congregations. The exception being, if people of color are obedient “Oreos”, they can participate.

Incidentally, in America, religious superiority is the exclusive property of white Americans. People of color in America do not practice delusions of grandeur. It is the combination of Cruz's belief he is superior, others not like him are inferior and going to Hell and rampant racism, which makes Cruz so popular in white America.

Cruz will never admit his beliefs but Christian White America loves him because of his beliefs. After all, millions of white Americans, feel superior to the rest of us. Cruz has tapped into the underground racist and religious beliefs of many Americans. It explains his popularity.