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Saturday, March 12, 2016

When one goes to a Trump rally, it is a place where America has died.

Analysis: Chicago chaos tests Trump promises of unity

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My comment:
     I'll tell ya' what. The protesters interrupting Trump's rallies are my kind of people. You may not like the protesters, but it takes guts to go into a festering pit of hatred and ignorance. Going into a place like that, knowing you could get injured or even killed takes more courage than the average person has.

     When I served in the military, people, like today's protesters were the ones I relied on the most. It takes a special kind of person to be so dedicated they are willing to lay down their lives for their beliefs. 

     Trump protesters are risking their lives, you know? The people they are engaged with are
violent and capable of murder. Their leader is inciting the most vile behavior. When one goes to a Trump rally, it is a place where America has died. Honor and respect to those who risk so much. They are the new American heroes.

     The day may come, when the mild and meek among us, will depend upon the Trump protesters to save the day. If someone like Trump becomes President and the current Republican Party, being what they are, gains control, it will take great courage to stop them. Words won't do the job. It will take strength and sacrifice on the streets. Blood may have to be spilled just as Union troops did, long ago.

     I remember the sacrifice the flower children paid to stop the insanity of Vietnam. I fought two wars during that era. One war in Southeast Asia, the other on American streets to stop the war. I shed blood in both wars. I witnessed flower children die for their cause. I am very proud to have participated with those brave souls who took a stand against insanity. I helped save more lives than I helped to take. I am very proud of that.

     One day, today's Trump protesters will grow old and they will reflect on the most exciting and meaningful days of their lives. Saving America is no small matter. Today, I am old and remember with absolute clarity the two wars I fought in the 60's. 

     Our new street warriors today will reflect on their deeds and brag how they once saved America from itself. When they are old, a new generation will ignore them when they tell their stories, just as I am ignored now. However, the cause Trump protesters dedicate themselves too, will never be forgotten by those who showed courage under the most stressful times of their lives.

     Again, honor and respect to the Trump protesters. Your courage has not gone unnoticed. The courage Trump protesters displayed is on a par with troops in our recent wars. A new generation has risen. Old geezers like me proudly pass the torch of righteousness onto the Trump protesters. Thank you for defending America. I wish I were young enough to join you.
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