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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

It seems Lying, Then Repeating the Lie, Has Become Normal with One Political Party

Winners and losers from Super Tuesday II

From a story located at: This comment is really about the people commenting on the story.

My comment:
It's amazing how all the Republican parrots repeat Republican talking points as though they were fact. Many comments today say with certainty that Hillary is a liar. Hillary is going to jail. In truth, repeating a Republican lie, that Hillary is a liar, is pretty ironic and is totally false. People who
knowingly repeat lies are especially despicable.

Repeating lies is so un-American. Someone should take the liars American flag away and prohibit them from ever flying the flag again. Repeating a lie over and over again, when there is no basis in fact, is an insult to Jesus whom so many worship and everything that has ever made this country great.

Tens of millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent by Republicans trying to paint Hillary as a liar and nothing has resulted in all their partisan witch hunts. Nothing! Republican parrots keep focusing on the false allegations that Hillary is a liar and she is going to jail only because they have been
manipulated by Golden Tongued Con Artists to repeat their lies. Just disgusting!

Republican parrots never accept the conclusion by multiple investigative committees that Hillary has done no wrong. This Email thing will go nowhere as well. If Republicans want to condemn Hillary for her private server, they better be ready to condemn many Republicans who are doing the same thing as we speak today. Most Republican politicians run their own private Email server and have done so for years.

Should Hillary become President, Republican hate mongers will keep repeating the lie fed to them by their propaganda masters all the way through her first term and into her second term if she is re-elected. Kind of like the repeated lies about how Obama is a Kenyan, Obama wasn't born in the USA, Obama is a Muslim, etc., etc.

Repeating lies over and over again despite the truth being out there seems to be a trait owned exclusively by Republicans. How can anyone trust a pack of liars? How can anyone want those liars to lead our country?

I might consider some Republican ideas but they keep lying about everything. They have proven to be such low class human beings it is hard to believe anything they say. Should the day come when Republican dreams come true and Hillary has actually done something wrong I will condemn her. Not until then.

I'll hold my judgement until something is proven in law. That's why I can still fly the American flag and many of you can’t.
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