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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Religious Superiority Afflicting America Past and Present

Merrick Garland Supreme Court Nomination:
Six in 10 Americans Approve

Inspirational Story:

My Comment:
          I'll bet the 36% that disapprove of Merrick Garland’s Supreme Court Nomination are Republicans. One of the symptoms, indigenous to Republicans, is their inability to understand "walk in someone else's shoes". If those shoes were on Republican feet, they would be screaming very loud right now. Can you imagine if Democrats were holding up a Supreme Court appointment by a Republican President, how much they would be crying?

          Another symptom of a Democrat versus a Republican is the amount of empathy one possesses.Democrats have empathy, Republican don’t. Democrats think about people other than themselves, Republicans don’t. Democrats would have confirmation hearings because it doesn’t occur to them to be self-centered hypocrites. “Do onto others as you would have done onto you” is practiced most by Democrats. That’s a philosophy which has escaped Republicans these days.

          Forget about displaying the Ten Commandments in public schools. Teach empathy and good manners and you will create a bunch of Democrats in the future. As soon as people start thinking of someone other than themselves, they start flirting with the Democrat Party. Empathy and good manners is more acceptable than the Ten Commandments because of the non-secular nature of empathy and good manners. It would also get better results.

          We are confronted with a political party suffering from a persecution complex, delusions of grandeur and a lack of empathy. In other words, they think everyone is persecuting them and they are better than everyone else. They could care less about anyone but themselves. It's called paranoia and when an individual suffers from the malady, it is very difficult to cure.

          When an entire segment of society suffers from social paranoia, bad things happen (like Germany for example). It is very difficult to cure society of social paranoia. It’s very difficult trying to convince people the boogie man is not chasing them and they are not smarter or better than you. Especially if they think you are the boogie man.

          That’s why you can’t talk to Republicans. It’s difficult to make a point with people who think they are better than you and believe with all their heart you are persecuting them. Have you ever noticed when talking to a paranoid Republican the conversation soon turns into them yelling very loudly, they won’t let you finish a sentence and they start calling you names?

          They immediately believe you are attacking them and how dare you attack them when you are inferior to them. This is especially true if they also enjoy a notion of religious superiority over you. There are all kinds of superiority beliefs. Racial and gender superiority are well known and come to mind.

          People don’t talk much about the most insidious version of superiority, religious superiority. America suffers a lot from delusions of grandeur practiced by fundamentalist Christians. It’s an old notion which has surfaced once again after a long dormant period on our shores.

          Earlier in our history, Indians and blacks suffered terribly at the hands of a Christian movement
thinking white Christians in particular were superior to other races and ethnic people. “The only good Indian was a dead Indian”. Our original Constitution thought Black human beings were only 2/3’s human. Manifest Destiny said all of North America belonged to whites only. All these notions were based on a belief in Christian Superiority.

          Something disastrous has to occur, as a result of social paranoia, before society corrects itself. Germany being pulverized during WWII, pretty much knocked delusions of grandeur out of the German people. America will need to suffer much more than they do today and be humiliated to a greater extent before social paranoia is eliminated.

          Before a disaster makes Americans humble once again we will experience many more years of Trumpster supporters. That is what we are witnessing with Trump, isn’t it? Large numbers of white people afraid of their own shadows and believing they are superior ethnically, racially, sexually and religiously. The driving force behind Donald Trump is white paranoia. Donald Trump has become a master of exploiting paranoia.

          Can the social paranoia plaguing America be cured with the election of a Democrat for POTUS? No, not likely. The sickness of large American segments of our population has been allowed to grow and fester. It’s at the point where very radical action becomes necessary for the cure. Democrats are not willing to do what it takes. Obama wasn’t willing to prosecute war criminals or Wall Street thieves. The cure for America will take someone stronger than Obama.

          I dread what will come of us. It’s not going to be very pretty in the future.

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