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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What's wrong with America? REPUBLICANS!

Obama calls on journalists to hold candidates accountable

When The world asks, "What's wrong with America"? the answer is, the Republican Party. Obama makes a reasonable proposal encouraging the media to be more responsible and start doing a better job and you would think he was proposing the overthrow the United States.

All one has to do is read the comments by Republicans regarding this story to find out what's wrong with America. The level of hatred Republicans express is what's wrong with this country. There are very few constructive observations offered by these Republicans. The rhetoric is nothing more than lies born from racist hatred.

I spend a lot of time reading the comments related to political stories, every day. Very often, the real story is not the subject of the column. The real story is the level of hatred and lies expressed by Republicans no matter the subject. The level of contempt by rank and file Republicans has been encouraged by the RNC and no matter how outrageous comments and behavior becomes, the RNC says nothing. Silence is acceptance and the Republican Party has gone astray.

The entire Republican party, including the ones who are supposed to be the good ones, is responsible for people around the world asking, “What’s wrong with America”? At the risk of invoking the old German disaster, there are similarities between the hatred practiced in Nazi days and the hatred in America today. The German’s temporarily spiraled down into a world of lies, hatred and superiority. Now we see similar behavior by an element of American culture.

           That’s why people around the world are asking, “What’s wrong with America?” The world has a long memory and the vision of Nazi Germany invokes disgust and revulsion. When elements of American culture behave similarly to the early days of Nazi Germany, the world takes notice. German Nazi’s thought they were wonderful much the way Republicans think they are superior in America.

That is what all this hatred is based on, isn’t it? One can trace back all the lies and vitriol by Republicans, on almost any subject, to a delusion of grandeur practiced by white Republicans. That is what Donald Trump has tapped into. Delusions of white supremacy.

One can see elements of this belief on any subject confronting the nation today. Supremacy, hatred and lies by the Republican Party is what has captured the world’s attention. If you want an example of what I am talking about, read the comments associated with this story

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