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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Root for Hillary as I do but get ready for failure

Republican control of our government is about to become a reality

      I am for Hillary 100%. However, I'm a little depressed with the state of our Union. Dark forces bent on destroying our nation are in control of almost everything. If Obama's experience is visited upon Hillary, nothing will get done. If Hillary becomes President and the Congress stays the same, you can expect the United States government to continue its failure. An outcome Republicans desire anyway.

      The DNC is doing a very poor job of scaring Americans sufficiently for effective change. Americans (especially democrats) have to be scared in order to overcome their apathy. Republicans have done a good job of scaring their electorate. In case you Hillary dreamers haven’t noticed, Republicans are turning out voters in these primaries and caucuses in far larger numbers than Democrats. An accurate prediction in the general election.

      Republican performance will only increase as the general election approaches. Democrat apathy
will defeat Hillary. Republican fear will make Trump President. Historic precedence and wonderful words will not get apathetic Democrats off their rear ends long enough to go vote.

      You have to scare Americans into believing their country and their way of life is about to come to an end if Trump and Republicans get total control of our government. The DNC and Hillary are failing in the need to scare Democrats in sufficient numbers to overcome scared authoritarian Republicans.

      Forces opposed to our form of government, going all the way back to the Constitutional Convention, have gathered once again. They attempted their point of view years ago and it cost America 600,000 lives. They are back and this time they want to alter America using our freedoms and our legal system to do it. They are on the verge of success.

      Large portions of the American public vote based on their hatred of Democrats. There is also a newly surfaced propensity for racism, sexism, bigotry and a love for authority. Hillary is wonderful but until a systemic change occurs within our society, Hillary's Presidency will fail if she becomes President.

      This is not an indictment of her. It is an indictment of the American people. For the first time in my life, I am doubting the wisdom of our people. Root for Hillary as I do but get ready for failure. Assuming of course, she is even elected. I’m scared of the possible consequences looming before us. Chances are, you are not afraid because you refuse to believe America can be altered so dramatically. Because Democrats do not have enough fear, they can lose.
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