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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

An Extremist Like Bernie Sanders Cannot Win a General Election

Don’t Experiment with the future of our nation

     I really respect Bernie but have come to dislike his followers. They are so dogmatic. When I hear BurnBots say, "Bernie or nothing", or "they will stay home and not vote if Bernie is not nominated", I've come to realize they are not very big thinkers.
The only thing preventing a complete takeover of our government by the old Confederacy is a Democrat in the White House.

     This next election isn’t about Bernie or Hillary. It’s about something much bigger than either of those candidates. The 2016 election is about the future of our nation and the gathering forces determined to nullify the rule of law, neutralize equal protection under law, limit due process, nullify the Supremacy Clause and raise State's Rights over Federal law.

The Republicans have done a very good job over the years of taking over local and State governments. They have taken over the US Congress and with a President willing to fulfill their dreams, they are on the verge of destroying our nation. It is their goal.

Confederates came very close to destroying our nation years ago. They are back and this time
they are much sneakier about their methods. They have discovered guns won’t do the job. That was proven long ago. They can alter our nation legally and the Presidency is the only thing stopping them from doing just that.

With a Supreme Court inclined to make up new law to the detriment of the people, Confederate Traitors who have hated America in its current form, from the beginning, are poised to get their way. The only impediment preventing a new definition of what the United States of America means, is a POTUS in the hands of a Democrat.

Bernie is really good and I hope many of his ideas are put into place in the next administration. However, extremists do not win general elections. Hillary is not perfect but she has a broader appeal to the general public. Sure, Bernie’s revolution is very much needed but he is ahead of his time. People like Bernie will not be made president until there has been more suffering.

Perhaps sometime in the future. However, there will need to be more anguish before those filled with hate discover they were wrong. It will take much longer for those same people to admit they were wrong. In the meantime, we can’t afford to experiment with an extremist. Putting our heads in the clouds won’t stop the forces bent on destroying our current form of government.

Bernie can’t win a general election and dreaming he can, is a tactical error.
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