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Monday, March 14, 2016

Democrats Unite: Like the Union Army, Save Our Nation Again!

Democrats Unite: Don't Split Forces

 Recently I told a little story about my experience joining the Thom Hartmann Group on Facebook. It turns out Thom Hartmann is a Bernie supporter and that many BurnBots have migrated to his show because of his support. Over the years I have been a big fan of the Thom Hartmann show and my support for Thom precedes the time when Bernie Sanders was not even on my radar.

     Needless to say, I was attacked by rabid dog BurnBots because of my support for Hillary. I was irritated by Thom Hartmann’s fans at first and when I told my friends on Facebook (many Hillary supporters) they all launched into a blanket condemnation of BurnBots as well as Thom Hartmann and Bernie Sanders. I have since come to realize two Bandy Roosters going after each other in the barn yard is not such a good thing.

     Bernie supporters are very dedicated and I may disagree with who they support, however, I can also sympathize with their goals and complaints. I may be wrong but my perception of Bernie supporters is that they are the remnants of the 99er movement. This was a movement I supported 100%.

     While the Tea Party focused their grievances on the government, the 99er’s focused their attention on Corporate America. Both groups are highly charged, very emotional and very dedicated. In that respect, they have common factors contributing to their strength.

     Actually, Thom has been a big fan of Democratic socialism for years and would explain his
support for Sanders. I got the concept of the "Commons" from Thom. I don’t know if the “Commons” is an original term coined by Thom Hartmann, but I don’t care about that anyway. He, like Sanders have a strong belief in how well Scandinavian countries have done compared to America. Both men are correct of course. We can learn something from Democratic Socialism.

     Thom and Bernie have legitimate points to make and I would hope my favorite, Hillary, will adopt some of those ideas. In my mind, Hillary is more electable so I prefer the lady of destiny over the man with a cause. When it comes time, both Thom and Bernie will support our lady of calling. Just wait and see.

     Like any good liberal commentator, Thom Hartmann addresses shortcomings of our Democratic leaders and he is almost always right when evaluating political events. This is not the time to push him away, nor is it the time to push highly motivated Bernie supporters’ way. I don’t blame Thom or Bernie for the oddball behavior BurnBots. They can’t be explained any more than a Tea Bagger can.

     We will need Bernie and Thom on the battlefield when the lines are drawn. We are also going to need our well intentioned BurnBot buddies because the forces of wayward thinkers are very strong, very organized and very dedicated. They can beat us easily if we cut the throats of our allies.

     After Hillary gets the nomination, a percentage of Bernie supporters will take their ball and go home. Some diehards will write in Bernie’s name but they always hated Hillary anyway and were never going to vote for her. Some will stay home and not vote at all.

     There is nothing that can be done about people throwing tantrums. The people who don’t vote or write in someone who can’t win, will complain the loudest if Republicans take control of all branches of government. Of course, they won’t take responsibility for their frenzied behavior when they wasted their vote. Have you ever noticed there is no talking to those kind of people? Don’t even try.

     Another common trait emotional 99ers and Tea Baggers share, is their inability to listen to anyone but themselves. When talking to them, you cannot finish a single sentence before they interrupt you, call you a name or sometimes threaten you. Listening to other people and showing good manner is something our society has lost along the way. Ah yes! The lamentations of an old geezer remembering when good manners were common among people.

     People throwing tantrums are not very good Democrats and they just don’t get the big picture. They don’t understand the danger of electing a Republican POTUS when so much of our government is controlled by latent Confederate traitors. The only obstacle to a complete takeover of our government by people bent on destroying it, is a Democrat POTUS.

     Hopefully, Hillary will do better than Obama on that front. It will be a long time before Democrats take back the Congress. We are destined to have a divided government for many more years. If divided government means a Democrat in the White House, that may be good. Full control by Republicans is bad.

     So, after a day of feeble thinking I have decided it is not advantages to rant and rail against Thom Hartmann and Bernie Sanders. Bernie supporters have to be allowed to get over the fact their hero will not be the nominee. Bernie and Thom will come around and lend their full support as long as true Democrats accept temporary differences in favor of a Socialist. (Er…I mean Democratic Socialist).

     The coming election could be very close because a large portion of America has accepted racism, sexism, warmongering and the destruction of the government our Founding Fathers envisioned, as their way of life. Our form of government has always been deemed an experiment and opposed by those with different ideas.

     Opposition to our Federalist government has always been present. We even fought a big Civil War over the idea. In order to beat back a resurgent desire to turn our nation into fifty independent states, those of us who still love the United States of America will have to rise up and beat back the Confederate traitors, again.

     All Democrats need to join forces or we will lose our nation. Just look at the Republicans today! Does anyone think they will strengthen our current government or do you think they want to destroy it? Democrats know the answer to that question.

     Those bent on destroying America have just one common goal. They must vote against any Democrat and will support any Republican, because of a well cultivated hatred for their fellow Americans who still love their nation the way it is. This is not the time for Democrats to split their ranks.

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