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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Instead of Obama's Way, Let's Do To Cuba What We Did To Iraq

Cuba casts aside rancor to
welcome Obama on historic visit

Inspirational story located at:

My comment:
Same old story. Normalizing relations with Cuba is a good thing. Exposing them to American ideas is good. Showing them American ways is good. Ultimately, our way of life will prevail. Communism will be gone and Cuba can be a great place to go on vacation again. Among the many good things coming from Cuba we will get more great baseball players. All good! It took someone like Obama to do it. We can expect more good things to come from Hillary.

However, in the minds of many sick people in America (Trumpsters?), none of this is good. They prefer conflict. They want to unleash our military on Cuba and level all their buildings. They want at least a 100,000 men, women and children dead. 
Bush really enjoyed this.

They want all Cuban hospitals (filled with patients) demolished and their entire infrastructure destroyed, just like Iraq. They prefer a President taking personal pleasure in the hanging of Cuba's Communist leader. Did you see Bush when Saddam got hanged? Bush really enjoyed that.

That way another 100,000 people over the next ten years can die from lack of medical care and clean water. We can duplicate the wonderful success we had in Iraq. It will be another opportunity to brag about how wonderful we are. Sorry, just telling the truth here.

In our churches we can all sing praise to Jesus and make hero’s out of the people doing all the killing. Golden tongued pontificators can tell their congregations how there is no sin in killing those low class Hispanics and black people who mistakenly live in Cuba.  After all, because they aren’t white there is no sin in killing undesirables. It’s the “Old Sin Nature” theme which has made a comeback in America.

We could install a corrupt corporate run government the way we did in Iraq and steal from Cubans and American tax payers alike. Before long the Cubans will be kicking us out of their country the way the Iraq’s did and we’ll be right back to the way we were before we decided to save Cuba. We can do to Cuba what Bush did to Iraq and then boast about it. Now that's how you make friends, right?

I for one, prefer Obama's way. I totally reject the sycophant way. People supporting the likes of Trump want to kill everyone and I consider those people part of the sickness of America. That's part of what this coming election is about. It's between normal people and sick people. It's very simple Jack! Normal vs sick! If you ask me, this coming election is a good opportunity to see just how many sick people we have in America. It could be an eye opener.
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