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Friday, December 25, 2015

Afghan Suicide Bomber Puts a Tragic End to a Life Spent Seeking Dignity

Afghan Suicide Bomber Puts a Tragic End to a Life Spent Seeking Dignity

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I made a comment about missing parents. This was one person’s response.
Mack Spirit · 
Works at Earth
As the child of a father and a step father who both served, the only thing I can say to you Gary Snay is that you know nothing of being a parent; et alone being a man. Maybe because you grew up feeling a victim because your parent was away on deployment and you took it as a personal slight. Or you had a neglectful parent in or out of the military. The loss and shortcoming is yours, not the service member who has a family and has the courage to deploy knowing full well they may never see the people they love and who love them ever again. But unlike you, they would not defeat themselves because of it. They use it as a reason to keep themselves alive, to give themselves something to look forward to when they come home, to remember why they do what they do and not lose hope, not lose faith and so much more that you will never know anything about.

This is my response to him.
What a bunch of crap. 20 years’ infantry. Silver Star, Bronze Star (V), two Purple hearts. Your insults are way off base, you Pansy. My mother and father were always home. More than anything, that's what children want and that's what I had. I do know what I'm talking about because I was home every day in my child's youth.

I have seen Jodie take the place of missing fathers a hundred times. I also drove trucks (national). I've listened to crying fathers complaining about other men taking their place in bed and being a father to their children because they were not home. It's a simple rule! If you are not there, you can't be a husband or a father. Don't delude yourself.

There's a lot of research on this subject. 90% of the time, children don't care about defending the country, Children don't understand the concept. What they want more than anything, is to have their dads home. When dad is gone for a long time, Jodie ends up playing catch with the boy. Jodie is doing homework with the boy. Jodie is sleeping with the boy's mother. Jody is buying cloths and taking him to McDonald's.

Jody becomes the dad and the missing father becomes a dim memory. Many mothers threaten the child with, "wait until your father gets home. He will punish you". Dad comes home, beats the hell out of the kid than takes off for another year. In the meantime, Jody is being a good father. The kid soon learns to dread the real father coming home. Father and son become strangers. Truckers, like soldiers, know this phenomenon well.

When someone chooses to be a soldier (or truck driver, for example) they are making a conscious decision to abandon their family. Each person should make that decision for themselves. However, when a husband and father goes absent and have made a decision to defend their country (or make money in the case of a truck driver) they are leaving the welfare of their family to others because they are not there.

Mother nature rules in these matters. In the case of soldiers who have consciously decided to abandon their family, don't make tax payers pay for his lack of responsibility towards family. Don't worry about wife and family back home. Jodie will take care of business. 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Polls may actually underestimate Trump's support, study finds

Polls may actually underestimate Trump's support, study finds
 By Gary Donovan Snay

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My comment:
We had a problem with the electorate in this country when the nation re-elected G.W. Bush. By the time the Bush/Kerry election occurred the nation knew some unquestionable facts about Bush Jr.

America knew he had lied America into a war of choice. The nation knew there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Al Qaida was not in Iraq. Iraq was not a threat to us. Several thousand US soldiers died because of a lie. Several hundred thousand innocent Iraqi's died. The nation knew G.W. Bush was a war criminal.

The war was financed on the backs of future generations. Bush was spying on Americans. Republican financial policies lead by Bush was bankrupting the country. America was fully aware of the failed policies initiated by Bush.

In America's past, Bush would have been impeached, tried as a war criminal and spent the rest of his days in jail. Once upon a time, just after WWII, America was an honorable nation. Not anymore. The American electorate put G.W. Bush in office again. The American people demonstrated a total disregard for the principals which guided America up until the Bush/Kerry election.

Re-electing a war criminal as POTUS was the ultimate act of irresponsible behavior by half a nation gone over the edge with hatred for Democrats and Liberals. No one in their right mind would have voted FOR G.H Bush. Bush was re-elected because the American people was voting AGAINST John Kerry, the perceived evil Democrat and Liberal. Republicans didn’t vote FOR Bush. They voted AGAINST Kerry.

We will see this irresponsible behavior once again in the 2016 Presidential election. Half the country will vote against someone like Hillary Clinton simply because she is a Democrat, she is a woman and she has been defined as a liberal. Vladimir Putin would get forty million votes simply if he opposed Clinton.

Donald Trump is just another vulgar, irresponsible name caller who could easily be elected POTUS simply because he is not black, female, gay, brown or liberal. If Satan himself garnered the Republican nomination, he could win the election because many Republicans HATE Liberals more than they love Jesus.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Winners and losers in the 3rd Democratic presidential debate

Winners and losers in the 3rd Democratic presidential debate
By Gary Donovan Snay
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My comment:
I admit it. I don't hate Democrats in general. I don't hate women and think they can do just as well as men. I'm not afraid of the term "Democratic Socialist" because I'm on Social Security, Medicare and take advantage of the VA.

I'm a proud Liberal because the company I keep is with our Founding Fathers and Jesus. I'm pro union because I am an hourly worker and Unions made the idea of child labor wrong. Union gave us the 40-hour work week. Union said pay overtime if the boss wants to intrude on my family or personal time. Unions say pay more money if I have to work on the Lord’s day of rest. Union says if workers make a profit for the owner, the owner should share his profit with the people who made it possible. Unions don't exist in dictatorships. Only free societies have unions.

I think black and brown people are just as good as white people. I would never dream of devising schemes to keep people from voting just because they don't vote for my kind of people. I would never close health clinics like Planned Parenthood, then happily watch fellow Americans die because they could no longer get health screenings.

I'm not a big fan of back alley abortions or the use of self-mutilating tools like coat hangers. I have an aunt who died because she got into a hot tub of water with a coat hanger. I remember thousands of women around the country dying because they couldn’t get a safe and legal abortion. I'm glad something was done about that terrible situation.

Watching religion intrude into the affairs of our secular government has scared me to death. I have visited countries where religion ruled everything. It’s not a condition I want to see for my country. I know there has never been a successful religious based government in the history of mankind. They have all failed and the injection of religion into our government will destroy the country I love so much.

I can go on forever why I am a Liberal Democrat. My reasons would just fall on deaf ears where half the country has descended into skepticism, hatred and a belief in ideas which only harm themselves. I look upon the array of choices I have for POTUS in the next election and once again, for me, I choose the adults over the children.

I choose the people who will do less harm to me on a personal level. There is not a single Republican who has not devised ways to harm me, members of my family, my government or my fellow American citizens. The choice is clear. Sure, maybe there are other Democrats but in order to please the dark shadow which has descended upon the Republicans, a Democrat would no longer act like a Democrat.

As of now though, I could never vote for racism, male chauvinist pigs, military belligerence, state rights, religious fanaticism or to step over and ignore the dead bodies of fellow Americans. It looks like I will vote Democrat again.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Putin just played Obama. Again.

Putin just played Obama. Again.

By Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My comment:

There certainly is a problem with America. The problem is a firm belief by the American people they don't want to spend more American lives fighting wars in a region with no possible solution. Iraq was a mistake. Lives were lost for no reason. Nothing was accomplished. President Obama is correctly reading the American people's mood right now.

            The only people wanting more slaughter and carnage are the people who were wrong about Iraq in the first place and those people who won't have to sacrifice their children in a new war without a resolution. The moment body bags start coming home, Americans, very tired of war, realizing lives are being lost for nothing, will turn a very harsh eye on whoever the President is.

            Like it or not, G.W. Bush hampered American efforts to solve issues such as Syria for many years into the future. After the big Vietnam error, it took a "911" attack to get Americans into the mood for war again. After the fiasco in Iraq, it will take many more years for Americans to willingly give their children's lives in a foreign war without purpose. 

            The Iraq war was a giant lie and for that reason Americans will be very leery of a war involving fighting Syrians, Iranians, Iraqi’s and Russians. Our roads and bridges are in disarray. Our children are hungry and profiteers are killing our education system, our prisons and our social structure. 

            Obama is correct if he hesitates to spend more lives and our national treasure pursuing goals which cannot be obtained. Don’t listen to those lying, warmongering criminals seeking to make profit from war by exaggerating threats that don’t exist. They have never apologized for the havoc they created in the past. They won’t take responsibility for their errors in the preceding fiasco. 

Just don’t listen to the very worst people American society has to offer.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Trump backers baffled by criticism of his Muslim proposal

Trump backers baffled by criticism of his Muslim proposal
By Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My comment:
Pay attention to people who say, "He doesn't really mean it. When he gets to the White House he will be different". Wrong, wrong Dorothy! Pay attention to him now. Although Republicans halfheartedly condemned him for his Muslim comment, the key word here is, "halfheartedly". He does mean it!

Trump has proposed several unconstitutional remedies. Too many Americans approve of his proposals. The Republican Party, through its silence, really supports Trump. All over this country, Republican Governors and Republican Legislative bodies routinely pass unconstitutional laws which discriminate against tax paying citizens.

Republicans routinely attempt to keep people from voting. Trump style politicians repeatedly want to tie women down and make them have babies they don’t want. “Trumpsters”, universally supported by Republicans of all flavors, attack women in every conceivable manner. The “hand of dictatorship” has become popular among Republicans.

Pay attention to American voters who approve of Trump's behavior. Trump supporters are the danger, not the circus barker taking advantage of those who applaud authoritarian ideas. When millions of Americans support an individual promoting an iron fist to fix our problems, millions of Americans have become the problem.

Our system of government has a unique capability to self-destruct with the permission of its voters. A couple well placed Supreme Court Justices would grant permission for our disillusion. This destruction would be legal under the law to the joy of many Republicans.

Pay attention to people who support men like Donald Trump. After all, supporters of people like Trump are the same people who want secession of their state. These are the same people not believing in the “Supremacy Clause” of our Constitution. Trump style voters support discrimination and racial profiling.

Many Trump voters and Republicans in general, have suggested genocide of Muslims as an acceptable solution with the use of our nuclear arsenal. Dictators like Trump would be more than happy to accommodate large numbers of Americans who have lost their way. We need to fear American voters more than carnival barkers like Donald Trump. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Cops kill man brandishing guns, machete at Pa. Walmart

Cops kill man brandishing 
guns, machete at Pa. Walmart
Story located at: By Gary Donovan Snay
My comment:
I work at a Walmart and see costumed guys packing all sorts of guns when they come into the store. I'm not real comfortable with the scene because I don't know who they are. They are always scraggly looking and I just don't know if they are going to start shooting, or what. I get distracted because I'm always watching them out of the corner of my eye.
If they are trying to attract attention, they are successful. If there is some sort of danger going on inside the store, I wish someone would tell me so I can get the heck out of there. I can't figure out who these guys are affraid of? Why do they have to make everyone uncomfortable? Are they so self-centered about their guns they just don't care who they bother?
The only threat I see in the store is these crazy people trying to attract attention to themselves. With this ISIS thing going on, it won't necessarily be come Arab looking guy opening fire on a bunch of people. I wish Walmart would change its policy and forbid guns in the store. The only threat at Walmart is strangers packing guns.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Majority of Americans Want U.S. Ground Troops to Fight ISIS: Poll

Majority of Americans Want U.S. Ground Troops to Fight ISIS: Poll

By Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My comment:
This poll demonstrates an America scared of its own shadow. Again, fear is driving American foreign policy. Fear is motivating the American people to call for yet another war. Fear has overcome common sense and has also prevented any lessons learned from the past. With America spending more on defense than the next twelve countries combined, the world has much to fear.

Foreign governments, looking at America, see just one man, preventing a nation already guilty of mass murder, from perpetrating the same mistake again. Large segments of the American public, having lost nothing in the last war of choice, requests more war.

Making heroes of people who murdered a few hundred thousand innocent people prevents any thoughtfulness in the future. Not prosecuting the last administration and its military personnel for war crimes, guarantees matching behavior from the people who committed those crimes in the past. Yes, America is a war crimes nation and the world has not forgotten.

The United States killed the families of ISIS for false reason and now they are furious with us. Surprised? Remember? Sunni’s ruled Iraq and it was the Sunni we directed our wrath towards. We killed more innocent Sunni men, women and children than any other group in Iraq.

Then, Christian America bragged and boasted of their deeds. ISIS is the result. Yea, ISIS hates us! They have good reason to hate us. All they have to do is visit the graves of their children killed by America to remind them of why they hate us.

The American public chastises the only man demonstrating a course of action which will cost fewer American lives and fewer innocent lives over there. Obama has learned the lesson from Iraq. He knows that more war now, will eventually kill Americans not yet born. He knows he was handed this situation from his predecessor. He has shown a desire to not hand off an impossible situation to his successor. Americans totally misunderstand his philosophy.

The same people who brought the current situation upon the world, want to give additional reasons for continued conflict in the future. Fear prevents learning anything from the past. The American people have become “Chicken Little” and combined with a militaristic attitude, America is the world’s greatest threat.

The reason for war in Iraq was the careful cultivation of American fear. Bush and company scared America by telling lies and whipping up fear of a non-existent threat from Iraq. It worked! The same fear mongering is being used today by the same people who used that tactic in the past.

Major candidates for POTUS are exploiting American fear for political gain and if they follow through with their exaggerations, thousands of people will die and they will brag about it. Fortunately, during the cold war, America was not afraid of their shadow.

Wise leaders, on all sides, prevented the destruction of mankind in the past. We are alive today because better men during the Cold War, better men than what is present today, kept all of us alive. They were peace makers and didn’t succumb to fear. Better, braver men lived in those days.

If today’s America existed during the cold war, we would not be alive today. Can anyone imagine Donald Trump during the Cuban Missile Crises? How about Ben Carson? Put present day American “Chicken Littles” into the era of the Cold War. Would anyone be here today? Is Obama a throwback to the days when men were brave and wise?

Fear, combined with religious superiority, a powerful military and no guilt for mass murder in our past is driving a very dangerous America to yet another war, ensuring more dead Americans not yet born. In Christian religion there is an example of people killing a man of peace. The same people who killed that man of peace out of their fear are now trying to kill the peace makers in modern times. Metaphorically speaking of course. Blessed are the peace keepers. A pox on the rest of you.  

Monday, December 7, 2015

Republican Ted Cruz vaults into first place in new Iowa poll

Republican Ted Cruz vaults
into first place in new Iowa poll
 By Gary Donovan Snay

Dominionist Ted Cruz 
From a story located at:

My comment:
Iowa is like the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Taliban controlled only a small portion of their country and were as radical a bunch as you will ever witness. Something like Iowa, only a different religion.

Both are stuck in old world religious nonsense wanting to get into everyone’s business and tell those who don't believe like they do, how evil they are. In Iowa and Muslim world, sinners won't enjoy virgins in heaven and they won't lay day in the fields with toothless lions.

Nobody cares what the odd ball state of Iowa does. Ted Cruz can only exist in a place where large numbers of people have their head stuck in a place the sun doesn’t shine. There are a few other pockets of dysfunctional Americans scattered around the country willing to cause havoc too. However, to America’s credit, most people are just smarter than a bunch of farmers believing one can kill gays and everyone but them will go to hell.

The truth is, if Democrats will stop smoking dope and chasing women, Ted Cruz can be thrown out on his fanny in his next election. But, alas, that won’t happen. Religious weirdos are more motivated than carefree Democrats and until that changes, guys like Cruz will be allowed to do his damage.

Dominionists like Ted Cruz will continue to be elected. He will continue with his superiority complex and destroy as many people not like him as he can. He won’t stop because people like those in Iowa will make him feel like a big man and give him the elusion he will be elected President of the United States. Shut up about Iowa! It’s a useless state anyway. What they do means nothing.

More Hate Filled Obama Bashing

Analysis: For Obama, bigger stage, bolder words, same policy

 By Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My comment: A response to one of the many hate filled comments submitted to this story.

Are you one of those people who thinks we should have another war? Do you have any children you can send for the cause? Would you lay down your life for no reason at all? Would you exchange repairing highways (for example) for another war over there? You know, we can't have both.

Did you support killing half a million Iraqi's because of a lie? What's the matter with you? Common sense isn't part of your life? I doubt any of your solutions would be backed by many people in the real world. Especially those who have already lost a loved one because of a Republican lie.

Do you have any pictures hanging on your wall of a dead relative who died in Iraq for nothing? You do know, don't you, Republicans put those pictures on walls all over the country because they were so utterly wrong about foreign policy as to border on criminality.

Can you learn from past mistakes or is your hatred for Democrats and Black people so profound you are willing to contribute to the failure of the United States with your constant berating of anything resembling common sense?

Does your solution include supporting any level of insanity just because of your hatred? Are you willing to elect Mickey Mouse for President just because you hate the other side? It appears to be the case for millions of Americans.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

95,000 Words, Many of Them Ominous, From Donald Trump’s Tongue

95,000 Words, Many of Them Ominous,
From Donald Trump’s Tongue
By Gary donovan Snay
 From an article located at:

My comment:
Have you noticed all Trump's crowds are 100% white? I'm a white guy and I'm pretty much ashamed of white people. Yea, yea, yea. I can hear my narrow minded, racist and religious white fanatics screaming now. However, let's face it. White people are absolutely disgraceful in America.

It is true that I get along much better with blacks, Latinos and Orientals. You can actually have a conversation with our brown fellow Americans. They are more patriotic, believe in our founding fathers and don't practice religions intent on telling everyone what to do and sticking their nose in everyone's business.

I don't see our minority populations running around packing guns or pretending to kill Americans out in the woods. I don't hear our minority populations calling for secession or passing nullification laws in an attempt to subvert our government. I don't see minorities in America attempting to take away people's civil liberties or working overtime to keep people from voting.

I never thought i would say this, but, I'm a white guy rooting for our minority populations to succeed and my fellow white Americans to fail. The nation would be better off.

Islamic State says California killers of 14 were their followers

Islamic State says California
killers of 14 were their followers
 By: Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My Comment:
All the attempts to blame Obama demonstrates how short memories are in America. ISIS would not exist if Republicans didn't create ISIS in the first place. Obama tried to keep troops in Iraq but they insisted US troops should be subject to war crime trials. Obama said "no", Iraq said, "get out".

The American people overwhelmingly said, "get out of Iraq". Based on what the American people wanted, we got out. Obama won an election because he catered to what the American people wanted. Only Republicans wanted to keep killing American soldiers with no results. Republicans said, "screw the American people". Keep killing people with no end in sight. The American people said, “we want Obama”.

All this Republican hindsight is amazing. Republicans were totally wrong about Iraq. Republicans supported murder, torture, kidnapping and attacking a country having nothing to do with 911 and now they want us to let them do it all over again. Sorry Republicans. Shut your mouth! You were wrong! We are suffering for your mistakes today! Shut up and let the adults run things for now on. 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

With Obama In Paris Republicans Move To Kill His Clean Power Plan

With Obama In Paris Republicans Move 
To Kill His Clean Power Plan
By Gary Donovan Snay

My comment:
     When profit seeking corporations become willing to sacrifice the health of our planet for their own selfish reasons, it's time to nationalize all the utilities. Providing the necessities of life should not be profited from.

      A well run government can provide needed services to its citizens at a lower cost and be more responsible to the planet than corporations with a single goal of higher dividends for its investors. It is government's responsibility to provide for the common good.

     Profiting from the necessities of life is fundamentally wrong and a whole new philosophy regarding the needs of our people and the needs of our planet must be embraced. Seeking profit at any price needs to be addressed and condemned for what it is.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Islamic State group targets gays with brutal public killings

Islamic State group targets gays with brutal public killings
By Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My comment:
Just think! You have Christian Americans openly advocating the killing of Gay people. It's not some small number either. People wanting to kill gay people, are for the most part, leaders of congregations they preach to. Large numbers of Americans listen to this kind of gibberish and openly support killing gays or they remain silent and continue to listen to their killer preacher.

Don't condemn ISIS if you are not willing to condemn your own brand of killers. Don't advocate torture, then complain when they torture one our own. Be completely against abortion, until it's your turn to have an unwanted baby.

Cheat on your taxes then complain about our government having a deficit. Support food stamp cuts until your children are hungry. Complain about public schools, then send your taxes dollars to private Christian schools. Infringe on someone else’s civil liberties, until someone takes yours.

Condemn other people's religious beliefs but prohibit scrutiny of your own. In other words, be a total hypocrite. However, don't expect my kind, to put your kind, into public office.