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Friday, December 18, 2015

Putin just played Obama. Again.

Putin just played Obama. Again.

By Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My comment:

There certainly is a problem with America. The problem is a firm belief by the American people they don't want to spend more American lives fighting wars in a region with no possible solution. Iraq was a mistake. Lives were lost for no reason. Nothing was accomplished. President Obama is correctly reading the American people's mood right now.

            The only people wanting more slaughter and carnage are the people who were wrong about Iraq in the first place and those people who won't have to sacrifice their children in a new war without a resolution. The moment body bags start coming home, Americans, very tired of war, realizing lives are being lost for nothing, will turn a very harsh eye on whoever the President is.

            Like it or not, G.W. Bush hampered American efforts to solve issues such as Syria for many years into the future. After the big Vietnam error, it took a "911" attack to get Americans into the mood for war again. After the fiasco in Iraq, it will take many more years for Americans to willingly give their children's lives in a foreign war without purpose. 

            The Iraq war was a giant lie and for that reason Americans will be very leery of a war involving fighting Syrians, Iranians, Iraqi’s and Russians. Our roads and bridges are in disarray. Our children are hungry and profiteers are killing our education system, our prisons and our social structure. 

            Obama is correct if he hesitates to spend more lives and our national treasure pursuing goals which cannot be obtained. Don’t listen to those lying, warmongering criminals seeking to make profit from war by exaggerating threats that don’t exist. They have never apologized for the havoc they created in the past. They won’t take responsibility for their errors in the preceding fiasco. 

Just don’t listen to the very worst people American society has to offer.
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