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Friday, December 25, 2015

Afghan Suicide Bomber Puts a Tragic End to a Life Spent Seeking Dignity

Afghan Suicide Bomber Puts a Tragic End to a Life Spent Seeking Dignity

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I made a comment about missing parents. This was one person’s response.
Mack Spirit · 
Works at Earth
As the child of a father and a step father who both served, the only thing I can say to you Gary Snay is that you know nothing of being a parent; et alone being a man. Maybe because you grew up feeling a victim because your parent was away on deployment and you took it as a personal slight. Or you had a neglectful parent in or out of the military. The loss and shortcoming is yours, not the service member who has a family and has the courage to deploy knowing full well they may never see the people they love and who love them ever again. But unlike you, they would not defeat themselves because of it. They use it as a reason to keep themselves alive, to give themselves something to look forward to when they come home, to remember why they do what they do and not lose hope, not lose faith and so much more that you will never know anything about.

This is my response to him.
What a bunch of crap. 20 years’ infantry. Silver Star, Bronze Star (V), two Purple hearts. Your insults are way off base, you Pansy. My mother and father were always home. More than anything, that's what children want and that's what I had. I do know what I'm talking about because I was home every day in my child's youth.

I have seen Jodie take the place of missing fathers a hundred times. I also drove trucks (national). I've listened to crying fathers complaining about other men taking their place in bed and being a father to their children because they were not home. It's a simple rule! If you are not there, you can't be a husband or a father. Don't delude yourself.

There's a lot of research on this subject. 90% of the time, children don't care about defending the country, Children don't understand the concept. What they want more than anything, is to have their dads home. When dad is gone for a long time, Jodie ends up playing catch with the boy. Jodie is doing homework with the boy. Jodie is sleeping with the boy's mother. Jody is buying cloths and taking him to McDonald's.

Jody becomes the dad and the missing father becomes a dim memory. Many mothers threaten the child with, "wait until your father gets home. He will punish you". Dad comes home, beats the hell out of the kid than takes off for another year. In the meantime, Jody is being a good father. The kid soon learns to dread the real father coming home. Father and son become strangers. Truckers, like soldiers, know this phenomenon well.

When someone chooses to be a soldier (or truck driver, for example) they are making a conscious decision to abandon their family. Each person should make that decision for themselves. However, when a husband and father goes absent and have made a decision to defend their country (or make money in the case of a truck driver) they are leaving the welfare of their family to others because they are not there.

Mother nature rules in these matters. In the case of soldiers who have consciously decided to abandon their family, don't make tax payers pay for his lack of responsibility towards family. Don't worry about wife and family back home. Jodie will take care of business. 
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