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Sunday, January 3, 2016

A response to a new FaceBook Group - Uncensored Religious Debates

From a new Group on FaceBook:

Uncensored Religious Debates

Located at:

My first contribution:
Hello Joe Mann. You added me to this group without my permission. Nevertheless, I'll hang around for a bit just to see how things transpire. So far, after reading some postings, this group seems intent on bashing God and those who believe in him/her. I think this is an Atheist group.

I sympathize with the notion there is not some all-knowing entity watching and recording every breath each of us take. I grew up in a very Methodist church environment but it all changed at the age of 20 when I was in an Infantry unit that suffered 300% casualties in only one year.

I'm talking the Nam of course. I'm not a Vet who fought in recent pansy wars. Excuse me! Did I irritate someone? Nevertheless, it occurred to me in that place, if there is a God, he isn't watching. I've been Agnostic since 1968.

I have never recovered and to this day I don't think there are consequences for the things we do in life unless of course one speaks to the impact on the here and now and the course of events into the future.

When I think of the wonderful life I have had, only because I survived, I get a little melancholy thinking back on all those who perished so young. I dwell on the marriages that did not occur.

I dream of children not born and how the course of mankind's history was altered because men waged war on people whose only fault was that they loved their country and they defended their land and their honor.

I will follow this group until it becomes apparent it is nothing more than a name calling extravaganza. I am very political and focus on the impact of religion on our nation. I feel as though the secular nature of our government is vanishing and like all nations embracing too much religion, our nation is doomed to fail.

In all the history of mankind, there has never been a successful religious government. Christianity in America is setting all of us up for a big fall. People like you and me will soon become targets for punitive measures and I am interested in how we can stop the insanity overcoming our nation.

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