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Thursday, January 7, 2016

GOP candidates bash Obama’s gun plan

GOP candidates bash Obama’s gun plan

From a story located at:

A commentator Dave Chitwood wrote: I didn’t correct his spelling

Its about using his pen like a dictator. You Libs realy do need to wake up before all your rights are taken away with a stroke of the pen.

My reply:
     If you don't like the Prez doing what the Congress refuses to do, encourage your Republican friends to get off their duff's and do what 90% of the people want.

     You are right. This kind of action needs to be done by the Congress. However, Republicans have made it clear any kind of weapon should be available to anyone whether they are a murderer, a terrorist, a minor child, a wife beater or any number of crazy classifications.

     Obama's executive order does not prevent you from getting a gun, unless of course, you are one of the above marginal characters. If you are marginal and obtained guns in the past, some adult should take your toys from you before you do your crazy thing.
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