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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Republicans Hate Socialists More Than They Love Jesus - Bernie can't be elected

Why Bernie Sanders won’t be elected

A lot of Republicans seem filled with hatred towards their fellow Americans. Their hatred has been successfully cultivated since the days of Ronald Reagan.  Make no mistake, there has been a carefully orchestrated effort to demonize the words Democrat, woman, black, Latino, Catholic, welfare and of course Liberal. However, no single word in America epitomizes Republican loathing more than the word “Socialist”
Arguments can be held as to who is orchestrating this hate campaign. That’s another story altogether. Nevertheless, Republican strategists, going back to Reagan, have created a generational atmosphere of hatred which persists to this day. They are very good at what they do.

Actually, the campaign of hate has been successful because it has been so effective. An entire generation of Americans absolutely hate Democrats. An entire generation of Americans have succumbed to a very effective propaganda campaign. An entire generation of Americans think Democrats have all become Socialists and are
the enemy of America.

Many of us have experienced the moment when a Republican discovers they are talking to a Democrat. Effectively, the conversation is over. No matter how logical or true your words, the Republican immediately stops listening and begins the name calling.

All Democrats have heard the words, “you’re just a Liberal”. Or, “you are a socialist and hate America”. At that point, the conversation turns bitter. The words Democrat, Liberal and Socialist are synonymous with all things evil. Over the years many people like Bill O'Reilly have advocated imprisoning Liberals. Militias talk about killing Liberals all the time. A vote for Bill Clinton was a vote for Satan.

Ronald Reagan painted Jimmy Carter as a Socialist. Bush Senior depicted Dukakis and Clinton as Socialists. Bush Junior successfully labeled Gore and Kerry as Socialist sissies who wanted the government to control Americans and regulate business in a massive Socialist/Communist conspiracy.

Yes, Republican propaganda demonized Democrats, woman, blacks, Latino’s, Catholics, welfare queens and of course the word Liberal but the overwhelming derogatory label having the most impact was the word “Socialist”. Labeling Carter, Dukakis, Clinton, Gore and Kerry Socialists won the Presidency for Republicans. Those campaigns were very effective.

However, the Republicans veered from their successful Socialist branding strategy against Obama when they stressed the black racial card. Republican strategists mistakenly thought the race issue would be stronger than the Socialist issue. They were wrong and Obama was elected twice.  By the way, America is to be credited with that wonderful change.

Now we come to the 2016 election. Republicans won’t be able to play the racial card this time except to point out how those un-American, black socialist, welfare scammers, overwhelmingly vote Democrat.  They will of course point out the unholy sinners in the gay community. All the Latinos will vote Democrat because they want to stay in America illegally and mooch welfare.

Gun nuts around the country will claim falsely that Democrats want to disarm law abiding citizens so it will be easier for the United Nations to take over America. States’ Rights advocates want a Republican President who won’t lift a finger if a state secedes.

Make no mistake! None of those minor issues can sway the election as much as labeling a Democrat a Socialist. Don’t underestimate the power of branding someone a socialist in America.

Bernie Sanders is ahead of his time because America is not ready for his kind. Someday in the future, after the worst generation, to ever grace our shores, finally dies off and disappears from the scene, a Socialist President will get elected in America. I am of course, talking about the Baby Boomers. The worst, most pitiful bunch of crybabies in the history of America. (I’m a Baby Boomer).

Bernie Sanders will be remembered as the father of American Democratic Socialism at some National Convention in the future. If he is nominated today, the lightening rod of Socialism will motivate five to ten million additional republicans to vote. It will be enough to elect someone like Cruz or Trump because, as in other elections, Republicans vote against someone, not for them.

Republicans hate Socialists more than they love Jesus! Bernie can’t be elected.

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