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Friday, January 29, 2016

Another Republican Wanting to Abuse Workers

Glenn Grothman, Wisconsin GOP Senator,
Fights for A Seven-Day Workweek

From a story located at:

 My comment:
What these Republicans are not telling you is that many workers, especially in the food industry, are forced to work overtime hours but are not paid overtime.

The agencies charged with enforcing labor laws have been cut to the bone with budget cuts. Small business employers know there is very little chance they will be caught because nobody is watching the chicken coup.

There was a day when employers paid overtime without the need of government enforcers. Employers were just better people in those days. Today, employers will cheat their workers every opportunity they get.

Greed and selfishness is the new American Capitalist model. I work at such a place. None of us have any loyalty to our employer. We all do as little work as possible. We will steal from our employer if we can. We will go to another job if we get a little more pay or the boss isn't as abusive.

It's because the boss only cares for his own welfare. The boss cares nothing for the workers making him money. Employers reap what they sow. We taught the modern world about Capitalism, then we forgot the lessons we taught.
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