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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Attacking Hillary About Her E-mail Account Is an Attack on America

Another Republican Attack on America

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My Comment:
This is such an out of proportion issue. If people want to go after Clinton about her private e-mail server they need to go after Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and most of the members of Congress who have done same thing in the past or currently do the same thing now.

It’s analogous to when the most belligerent and aggressive Republicans were going after Clinton about his extra marital affairs when they were having their own affairs at the same time. The hypocrisy of Republican behavior goes beyond the ridiculous.

Many of the most boisterous Republicans about Clinton’s E-mail server need to take down their own private server before they are exposed for the hypocrites they are. On the other hand, the more hypocritical a Republican is, the more they are rewarded by their constituents. Hypocrisy seems to drive the popularity of Trump and Cruz.

This whole issue about an E-mail server is not the subject of Republican two-facedness. Republicans are scared to death another Democrat will become President and obstruct their desire to destroy our form of government. Never forget the continuous attack on our Constitution and Civil Liberties practiced by Republican Legislators in many states throughout our land.

With a Democrat as President they won’t be able to further their States Rights plans. They won’t be able to pass nullification laws and it will be a lot more difficult for states to seceed from the Union. With a Democrat in the Whitehouse they won’t be able to attack women’s rights, equal pay or their health care. With a Democrat in office it will be much more difficult to take health care away from twenty million Americans.

They will have a more difficult time taking food away from children. It will be a lot more difficult to hand over Social Security funds to the vultures on Wall Street. With a Democrat in office Medicare will be safe for a little longer.

With a democrat in office fewer American soldiers will die because of a lie. Foreign policy will make more sense and the likelihood of another 911 will be diminished. Military armies like ISIS will not be so easily created because of our wrong-headed foreign policy. That’s right, ISIS was created by Republicans. Republicans have been wrong 100% of the time regarding foreign policy. They won’t admit their errors and want to continue making errors in the future.

Until Republicans grow up, a Democrat in the Oval Office is America’s best chance of surviving threats from abroad and from within. Hillary and Bernie are head and shoulders above any of the dangerous and irresponsible Republicans running for POTUS. Trying to Destroy Hillary in order to put people like Trump or Cruz into the Whitehouse is equivalent to an attack on America.  
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