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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Presidential candidates waste no time weighing in on Iran prisoner releases

Presidential candidates waste no time
weighing in on Iran prisoner releases
By Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My comment:
     I think people should reserve their opinions until they know what happened. I hear a lot about how innocent the hostages were but they wouldn't be hostages if in fact they broke Iranian law. I'm not defending Iran but I think we should get our own justice system in order before we point fingers at another country's system of law.

     In this country we shoot unarmed people dead in the streets. We execute innocent people on a regular basis. We put people in jail for life just because they had enough dope to make a dozen doobies. We have people in this country that want to execute women for getting an abortion.

     Sure enough, Iran has some strange laws. However, many people reading my comment, having experienced American justice, realizes we should shut our mouths before we pass judgement on someone else, when we have so many problems to fix at home.

     Complicating the problem are too many national leaders and uninformed voters mouthing off, expressing make believe indignation, in order to make a political point or demonstrate their racial prejudice against the POTUS.

     People complaining about this tiny little matter are simply oozing with hatred for anything Obama, anything Democrat or anything that might be a good outcome for the same. I used to be a Republican but I can't stand the attitude of so many Republicans today. It's a sad day when I dislike Republicans more than I dislike Iranians.
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