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Monday, December 14, 2015

Trump backers baffled by criticism of his Muslim proposal

Trump backers baffled by criticism of his Muslim proposal
By Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My comment:
Pay attention to people who say, "He doesn't really mean it. When he gets to the White House he will be different". Wrong, wrong Dorothy! Pay attention to him now. Although Republicans halfheartedly condemned him for his Muslim comment, the key word here is, "halfheartedly". He does mean it!

Trump has proposed several unconstitutional remedies. Too many Americans approve of his proposals. The Republican Party, through its silence, really supports Trump. All over this country, Republican Governors and Republican Legislative bodies routinely pass unconstitutional laws which discriminate against tax paying citizens.

Republicans routinely attempt to keep people from voting. Trump style politicians repeatedly want to tie women down and make them have babies they don’t want. “Trumpsters”, universally supported by Republicans of all flavors, attack women in every conceivable manner. The “hand of dictatorship” has become popular among Republicans.

Pay attention to American voters who approve of Trump's behavior. Trump supporters are the danger, not the circus barker taking advantage of those who applaud authoritarian ideas. When millions of Americans support an individual promoting an iron fist to fix our problems, millions of Americans have become the problem.

Our system of government has a unique capability to self-destruct with the permission of its voters. A couple well placed Supreme Court Justices would grant permission for our disillusion. This destruction would be legal under the law to the joy of many Republicans.

Pay attention to people who support men like Donald Trump. After all, supporters of people like Trump are the same people who want secession of their state. These are the same people not believing in the “Supremacy Clause” of our Constitution. Trump style voters support discrimination and racial profiling.

Many Trump voters and Republicans in general, have suggested genocide of Muslims as an acceptable solution with the use of our nuclear arsenal. Dictators like Trump would be more than happy to accommodate large numbers of Americans who have lost their way. We need to fear American voters more than carnival barkers like Donald Trump. 
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