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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Majority of Americans Want U.S. Ground Troops to Fight ISIS: Poll

Majority of Americans Want U.S. Ground Troops to Fight ISIS: Poll

By Gary Donovan Snay

From a story located at:

My comment:
This poll demonstrates an America scared of its own shadow. Again, fear is driving American foreign policy. Fear is motivating the American people to call for yet another war. Fear has overcome common sense and has also prevented any lessons learned from the past. With America spending more on defense than the next twelve countries combined, the world has much to fear.

Foreign governments, looking at America, see just one man, preventing a nation already guilty of mass murder, from perpetrating the same mistake again. Large segments of the American public, having lost nothing in the last war of choice, requests more war.

Making heroes of people who murdered a few hundred thousand innocent people prevents any thoughtfulness in the future. Not prosecuting the last administration and its military personnel for war crimes, guarantees matching behavior from the people who committed those crimes in the past. Yes, America is a war crimes nation and the world has not forgotten.

The United States killed the families of ISIS for false reason and now they are furious with us. Surprised? Remember? Sunni’s ruled Iraq and it was the Sunni we directed our wrath towards. We killed more innocent Sunni men, women and children than any other group in Iraq.

Then, Christian America bragged and boasted of their deeds. ISIS is the result. Yea, ISIS hates us! They have good reason to hate us. All they have to do is visit the graves of their children killed by America to remind them of why they hate us.

The American public chastises the only man demonstrating a course of action which will cost fewer American lives and fewer innocent lives over there. Obama has learned the lesson from Iraq. He knows that more war now, will eventually kill Americans not yet born. He knows he was handed this situation from his predecessor. He has shown a desire to not hand off an impossible situation to his successor. Americans totally misunderstand his philosophy.

The same people who brought the current situation upon the world, want to give additional reasons for continued conflict in the future. Fear prevents learning anything from the past. The American people have become “Chicken Little” and combined with a militaristic attitude, America is the world’s greatest threat.

The reason for war in Iraq was the careful cultivation of American fear. Bush and company scared America by telling lies and whipping up fear of a non-existent threat from Iraq. It worked! The same fear mongering is being used today by the same people who used that tactic in the past.

Major candidates for POTUS are exploiting American fear for political gain and if they follow through with their exaggerations, thousands of people will die and they will brag about it. Fortunately, during the cold war, America was not afraid of their shadow.

Wise leaders, on all sides, prevented the destruction of mankind in the past. We are alive today because better men during the Cold War, better men than what is present today, kept all of us alive. They were peace makers and didn’t succumb to fear. Better, braver men lived in those days.

If today’s America existed during the cold war, we would not be alive today. Can anyone imagine Donald Trump during the Cuban Missile Crises? How about Ben Carson? Put present day American “Chicken Littles” into the era of the Cold War. Would anyone be here today? Is Obama a throwback to the days when men were brave and wise?

Fear, combined with religious superiority, a powerful military and no guilt for mass murder in our past is driving a very dangerous America to yet another war, ensuring more dead Americans not yet born. In Christian religion there is an example of people killing a man of peace. The same people who killed that man of peace out of their fear are now trying to kill the peace makers in modern times. Metaphorically speaking of course. Blessed are the peace keepers. A pox on the rest of you.  
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