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Monday, December 7, 2015

Republican Ted Cruz vaults into first place in new Iowa poll

Republican Ted Cruz vaults
into first place in new Iowa poll
 By Gary Donovan Snay

Dominionist Ted Cruz 
From a story located at:

My comment:
Iowa is like the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Taliban controlled only a small portion of their country and were as radical a bunch as you will ever witness. Something like Iowa, only a different religion.

Both are stuck in old world religious nonsense wanting to get into everyone’s business and tell those who don't believe like they do, how evil they are. In Iowa and Muslim world, sinners won't enjoy virgins in heaven and they won't lay day in the fields with toothless lions.

Nobody cares what the odd ball state of Iowa does. Ted Cruz can only exist in a place where large numbers of people have their head stuck in a place the sun doesn’t shine. There are a few other pockets of dysfunctional Americans scattered around the country willing to cause havoc too. However, to America’s credit, most people are just smarter than a bunch of farmers believing one can kill gays and everyone but them will go to hell.

The truth is, if Democrats will stop smoking dope and chasing women, Ted Cruz can be thrown out on his fanny in his next election. But, alas, that won’t happen. Religious weirdos are more motivated than carefree Democrats and until that changes, guys like Cruz will be allowed to do his damage.

Dominionists like Ted Cruz will continue to be elected. He will continue with his superiority complex and destroy as many people not like him as he can. He won’t stop because people like those in Iowa will make him feel like a big man and give him the elusion he will be elected President of the United States. Shut up about Iowa! It’s a useless state anyway. What they do means nothing.

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