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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Winners and losers in the 3rd Democratic presidential debate

Winners and losers in the 3rd Democratic presidential debate
By Gary Donovan Snay
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My comment:
I admit it. I don't hate Democrats in general. I don't hate women and think they can do just as well as men. I'm not afraid of the term "Democratic Socialist" because I'm on Social Security, Medicare and take advantage of the VA.

I'm a proud Liberal because the company I keep is with our Founding Fathers and Jesus. I'm pro union because I am an hourly worker and Unions made the idea of child labor wrong. Union gave us the 40-hour work week. Union said pay overtime if the boss wants to intrude on my family or personal time. Unions say pay more money if I have to work on the Lord’s day of rest. Union says if workers make a profit for the owner, the owner should share his profit with the people who made it possible. Unions don't exist in dictatorships. Only free societies have unions.

I think black and brown people are just as good as white people. I would never dream of devising schemes to keep people from voting just because they don't vote for my kind of people. I would never close health clinics like Planned Parenthood, then happily watch fellow Americans die because they could no longer get health screenings.

I'm not a big fan of back alley abortions or the use of self-mutilating tools like coat hangers. I have an aunt who died because she got into a hot tub of water with a coat hanger. I remember thousands of women around the country dying because they couldn’t get a safe and legal abortion. I'm glad something was done about that terrible situation.

Watching religion intrude into the affairs of our secular government has scared me to death. I have visited countries where religion ruled everything. It’s not a condition I want to see for my country. I know there has never been a successful religious based government in the history of mankind. They have all failed and the injection of religion into our government will destroy the country I love so much.

I can go on forever why I am a Liberal Democrat. My reasons would just fall on deaf ears where half the country has descended into skepticism, hatred and a belief in ideas which only harm themselves. I look upon the array of choices I have for POTUS in the next election and once again, for me, I choose the adults over the children.

I choose the people who will do less harm to me on a personal level. There is not a single Republican who has not devised ways to harm me, members of my family, my government or my fellow American citizens. The choice is clear. Sure, maybe there are other Democrats but in order to please the dark shadow which has descended upon the Republicans, a Democrat would no longer act like a Democrat.

As of now though, I could never vote for racism, male chauvinist pigs, military belligerence, state rights, religious fanaticism or to step over and ignore the dead bodies of fellow Americans. It looks like I will vote Democrat again.
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