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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Horrible People Excuse Torture - Why are they always Republicans?

Clinton hits Trump, Cruz for Brussels response: 
'Slogans aren't a strategy' 

From a story located at:

My comment:
          We can suspend the Geneva Conventions and the War Crimes Treaties we signed into law years ago but it doesn't mean other countries will ignore treaties they signed, just so they can placate us. Commit war crimes and other countries are obligated under their laws, to prosecute our war criminals or arrest and transport them to wherever they can be tried.

         Shrub Jr. waved a wand and nullified the war crimes treaties our country entered into. However, he isn't safe. That's why you won't see Rumsfeld, Rice, Cheney and Bush going into countries who still honor the War Crimes Treaties. They have been accused of War Crimes. They would be arrested, under the terms of the Treaties and sent off for trial. Not every nation is as lawless as we are.

         Trump could conduct torture all he wants because there is no shortage of Americans willing to torture people to death. Many would do it for fun!

Americans would torture for fun? Yes they would. Many Americans today brag about how they would do it. There are many Americans walking our streets today who have tortured and murdered during our last wars. Society gives them a free pass and now those monsters are your next door neighbor.

         Donald Trump claims he would order Americans to torture. Some of those people would die from the torture they received. Under Bush, Americans sometimes tortured innocent people to death and the Bush Administration would pat them on the back. Then Bush nullified our War Crimes Treaties in order to protect the murderers and to prevent prosecution for Bush issuing the orders. Many Americans approved of this outcome.

         Trump wants to continue this unlawful business and claims he would order even worse.
Millions of Americans will vote for him. If you want a good example of how morally corrupt portions of the American people have become, look no further than this subject.

         However, Trump would be indicted as well as those who do the torturing, by nations possessing more honor than America. Before long, Trump couldn't venture outside our borders any more than the War Criminals from the Bush Administration. Has anyone seen Bush set foot into Canada? No, and you won't either. You see, they still have laws up there.

          Here is how it goes. The international community banned war crimes which includes waterboarding. Everyone signed treaties agreeing to prosecute war criminals and arrangements were made worldwide to arrest and extradite accused war criminals for trial in the proper venue or location. Just because America breaks its treaties doesn't mean other countries will do the same.

That's how the law works. Water boarding is an international war crime and guys like Bush and Trump are not immune to the law just because they say so. I'm really sorry but US Presidents are not above International law. All you criminals supporting war crimes need to shut up. Your kind of human being is so out of style.

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