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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Iran fires 2 missiles marked with 'Israel must be wiped out'

Who can blame Iran for wanting nukes?

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Ferd Fisher - Wrote
Let's send Kerry over there to apologize even more for Obama. Why are we still dicking around with those people? Oh yeah, policy is now we will negotiate with known terrorists. The entire world knows that Obama is weak, so they figure, rightly so that they can do anything they want with no regard to the US's positions. Whomever wins job as next President, I hope they have more backbone than the current regime!

I replied:
     What's your version of backbone? Maybe you want another 200,000 killed based on some kind of lie? I'm sure some Republican can make up plenty of lies.

     You tough talkers amaze me. Let me see! North Korea (much more dangerous) means nothing to you because they have nukes. Iran wants nukes because they know guys like you will, stop threatening them if they get them. Hmmmmm! Keep talking. You'll force Iran to arm themselves for their own defense.

     North Korea was/is far more dangerous than Iraq. North Korea had nukes, Iraq didn't. We attack Iraq. Iran says, "we will be safe like North Korea if we get nukes. If we don't get nukes and America doesn't like something we do, America will kill several hundred thousand of us". Especially if some Republican is trying to please his Christian base. There is no sin in killing infidels, right?

     I hope the next President is someone like Clinton or Sanders. Like Obama, they will think a little bit before killing everyone. I like the way Obama has kept from committing mass murder. It's been refreshing having a President who doesn't lie and kill just to please warmongering Christians. After Bush, Obama has been a ray of light.

I hope the next Democratic President is half as smart as Obama.
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