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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Can you believe Americans want to torture?

EXCLUSIVE-Most Americans support torture
against terror suspects -poll

From a story located at:

My comment:
Yes, terrorists are protected under American law. The United States authored (most all of it) the Geneva Conventions. The Senate ratified the Treaty and a sitting President signed the Treaty into law. Under the constitution, Treaties are the law of the Land. Read up. You'll see that I'm right.

Just imagine this were an American soldier being tortured
After WWII, the United States hunted down, put on trial, convicted two Japanese soldiers, then executed them for Waterboarding US soldiers. Waterboarding is illegal under the treaties we signed and therefore, is a crime.

We have choices now. We can say our government was right to execute Japanese soldiers for waterboarding our prisoners during the Bataan Death March, or we can say our government committed a crime for wrongfully executing Japanese soldiers. How patriotic are you, anyway?

             The President of the United States can wave a wand and nullify US treaties. It's a hole in our Constitution that needs to be fixed. That’s what George W. Bush did to keep from being prosecuted under various War Crimes Treaties we signed. You do know, under the rule of law, G.W. Bush is a War Criminal, don’t you? Hold on though! He’s a hero to some of you sick bastards.

Convenient for him. However, do we want to nullify the Geneva Conventions just so a bunch of arm chair warriors can sit around and masturbate over photos of tortured people? Haven’t you read? Torture doesn’t work. Advocating torture is rather un-American of you. Do you understand what this country stands for Mr. Trumpster and followers? Personally, I don’t want your kind running this country.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. You people cheering for torture will need to shut up when an American soldier is tortured. That day is coming you know. When an American soldier is tortured, pro-torture freaks need to shut your mouths. You have no right to say anything. You may be responsible for US soldiers being tortured in the future.

Those of us against torture are the only ones who can protest torture of our troops. Don’t worry, the adults among us will object for you. Meantime, you little children keep playing in your sandbox and don’t get any sand in your underwear. That might hurt.
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