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Friday, April 8, 2016

Cruz Speaks to Inferior Jews In a Bid for Money

Cruz builds support among GOP Jews as Trump skips event

From a story located at:

My comment:
I know this is awful to say. but it needs saying. "Cruz is a Fundamentalist Christian who thinks any Jew who doesn't convert to Christianity is going to Hell."
Jews don't think Jesus is Lord. Jews don't think you have to be Saved in order to go to heaven. Jews don't think Jesus is the Son of God. Most normal Americans pay no attention to these religious differences. After all, this is America and all religions have equal validity. However, Ted Cruz’s America is not normal. In Ted Cruz’s world, Jews are no better than Muslims.
Notions of Religious Superiority practiced by the Ted Cruz faction of Christianity are not a secret. All of us, in our daily lives, are subject to finger pointing and claims that we will burn in Hell if we don’t fall in line with Christian Fundamentalism. Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Atheists and anyone not subscribing to the “Jesus is Lord” definition is considered inferior and unworthy of sitting in the presence of God.
That’s why, when a pompous religious man like Ted Cruz, goes among a group of non-Christians begging for support and money, the scene is especially egregious. Aside from racial supremacy, religious superiority ranks among the most destructive elements practiced by mankind.
Jews, accepting the presence of Ted Cruz among them, is a complete betrayal of their people and their religion. When Ted Cruz speaks to non-Christians, he does so believing everyone in the audience is going to Hell. Before they slither into Hell, Ted Cruz wants their vote and their money.
Any Jew, stupid enough to support Ted Cruz, deserves what they get. Personally, I could never support someone who looks on me as some inferior bug whose only function is to give him money. After that, I can go to Hell. 

Isn't that what Cruz is saying? Give me your money, then go to Hell! Is it just me or is there something wrong with Ted Cruz talking to a bunch of Jews?
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