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Friday, April 15, 2016

Crazy people with guns! The streets are no longer safe!

American streets are not safe anymore because everyone has a gun!

I feel uneasy about the trend this nation has embraced. You know, let anyone carry a gun and carry it anywhere they please. Has anyone seen the number of crazy people who are sporting guns on our streets? I mean, the number of fat, grey haired, pot bellied and unwashed white trash running around playing big man, is scary. Not to mention the certified lunatics who should be monitored but are free because there is no money to watch them. 
For the first time in my life I have considered getting a gun. It's not because I fear criminals. The odds of being assaulted by a criminal, carrying a gun, are much less than getting into a car accident. I'm thinking about getting a gun because of all the deranged and mentally challenged crackers out there dressed up like the Outlaw Josie Wells.
If you ask me, allowing all the crazy people in my city to carry a gun has made my streets a lot more dangerous. Any abnormal person can get a gun now, without a background check. I read somewhere how one in four people in America need some kind of psychiatric care in this country. Crazy people with guns don’t make me feel safer. It makes me want to get a gun and protect myself from the gun nuts allowed to pretend like they are tough guys.
The truth is, going to Wal-Mart, unarmed is getting scary. There I am, shopping for a loaf of bread, when some unshaved, unwashed hobo, wearing a paramilitary uniform, approaches me. He makes no effort to grant my space and pointedly forces me to move aside because he wants the whole aisle.
His pot belly protruding out of his shirt and the crack of his ass showing when he bends over, is not the main thing one notices. What you really pay attention too is his assault rifle, clip inserted, his handgun in its holster and a big hunting knife dangling from his ripped, torn and dirty pants.
I have no idea if this slob is about to commit a mass killing or if all he wants, is a loaf of bread. It occurs to me I am not armed and some guy, armed to the teeth, is scowling at everyone and acting in a threatening way. I clear a path for the tramp and get myself to the next aisle in case this malevolent idiot decides to do something.
It’s very frustrating, to say the least. Wal-Mart won’t stop him from entering the door. The police are as bad as the gooney bird roaming the aisles. I’m supposed to trust this armed misfit and hope will not open fire if we reach for the same loaf of bread and I get it first. I’m not armed and he is.
It reminds me of when I went into Saigon to deliver a truck load of dead American soldiers who died only a few miles away during the Tet Offensive. Some officer started telling me I couldn’t carry my loaded rifle on the streets. Walking the streets of America is giving me a similar feeling. Crazies are armed and I'm not!
I know there are safer places to live. It might be time to go someplace where people haven’t lost their minds. Canada is looking better every day. If Europeans are skeptical of America these days, it's with good reason.
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