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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Concerning Paul Ryan. It makes you realize how normal Hillary is!

Washington wonders: What is Paul Ryan up to?

From a story located at:

My Comment:
          Paul Ryan is subject to the same kind of criticism Ted Cruz is. If you look at Ryan’s record (there is a lot to look at) there is almost zero difference between the two right wing zealots. Paul is
better packaged than Cruz, with more polish and better looks. So he would have a better chance overall than the religious whack job, Ted Cruz.  However, Ryan is as crazy as Cruz regarding religion. It's just that Ryan conceals his wickedness better than Cruz. Just a fact. Sorry Cruz fans.
        Cruz looks like a sleazy grease ball always trying to pull a fast one. One look at him and you know he's lying about something. At least Ryan doesn't come off as a two faced liar willing to say anything, like Romney was. That is until you look at how he votes, compared to what he will say as a Presidential Candidate. 

          In Ryan’s Presidential Campaign he would spend most of time disavowing how he voted. He would have to lie through his teeth in order make people feel he isn’t as scary as his voting record indicates. Kinda the reverse of Mitt Romney. If Romney had owned up to his record, he wouldn't have come off as some two faced Mormon liar. He may have won the election if he had been honest.

          That's why Ryan is even more dangerous than Cruz. If you look at Ryan's record, one realizes why he is a nutty, Tea Party darling. Paul Ryan is as right wing as any member of Congress. He would never be a President for all the people because he is a hard core Ayn Rand crazy person. He has been as wrong about everything as she was.

          That's why he was accepted by the Tea Party gang with little opposition when he became Speaker of the House. Ryan appeals to a very small slither of the electorate and in a general election it would be easy to scare the American people with his outlandish, out of the mainstream politics. Ryan, like Trump and Cruz, would be a gift to the Democrats. 

          Assuming of course, Democrats are smart enough to point out how crazy and scary Republicans really are. It's been a mystery to me why Democrats have always been so nice. How did John Kerry lose to the War Criminal G.W. Bush? Because John kerry was too nice and didn't point out what a murdering, incompetent fool Bush was. 

          I know Hillary is as normal as they come because there are no extreme and radical ideologies she has clung too, making her look like a ding dong head, emulating Republicans. That might be her biggest problem. A lot of Americans don't like normal people. They seem attracted to dysfunctional deviant Republicans.

          Let's hope she will drop the nice girl persona for just a little while and rip those odd ball Republicans a new hole where the sun doesn't shine. With Trump, Cruz and Ryan, they should be pretty easy to tear up.
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