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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Because I'm so stupid, I'm an expert on stupid people

The ‘nasty effect,’ and why Donald Trump supporters mistrust the media

From a story located at:
Trumpster supporters

My comment:
Now here's a media story telling the truth. Stupid people don't like being called stupid. Seems like a good reason to follow Trump. Did you have to read this story to find out stupid people are pretty sensitive about being stupid?

Throughout Trump's life, he has always looked down on people. Now that he needs the vote of stupid people, dumb people are just fine. Trump is a genius! He has always hated stupid people. He fires them in real life, insults them in his reality shows, stays away from them, like they have the plague.

Now that he is running for office, he has stupid people falling all over themselves supporting him. Trump could easily start a mega church and laugh all the way to the bank. Golden tongued con-artists have always exploited stupid people. Trump has turned out to be a master of the art of deception. He just needs to start playing a flute.

I guess stupid people have earned their reputation. You know, one of the symptoms of being stupid is how easily you can be manipulated. Televangelists, FOX News, Ronald Reagan, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, etc., etc. have all learned the secret to success. Manipulate stupid people and you can get anything you want. After all, they are too stupid to find out you are selling them snake oil.

Forrest Gump said, “stupid is as stupid does”. I expect to hear Trump say that in one of his speeches. After he has lost the election. Not before.

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