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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

President Hillary Clinton: Don’t Make Her Job Harder

When Hillary is President, she will reach out to everyone
She will have more success than Obama

            Just a general comment. Many Democrats have used the vilest language, directed at Bernie Sanders. This reaction is quite normal considering the horrible language Bots have used against Hillary. Personally, I believe all this name calling by allies engaged in a common cause is a little on the childish side of things. I also feel Hillary would frown on those people engaged in name calling.

      Anyone who knows me, realized a long time ago, I am a hard core Hillary supporter. I have supported Hillary when I lived in Arkansas through all four of Bill’s terms of office as governor and I supported Bill and Hillary for both Bill’s Presidential runs. I have always considered Bill a great man only because he had a great wife by his side. In those earliest days, I argued on talk radio and in editorials, the genius of Bill Clinton was a result of Hillary’s influence.

Many of us in Arkansas also knew that Hillary had a hand in every policy decision Bill made. In Arkansas, there was constant dialog regarding Hillary’s influence on her husband, Bill. There was general consensus among those of us who thought of such things, that Hillary and Bill not only had a love affair for each other but more importantly, they confided in each other respectfully and listened to one another, all of their married lives. This unique relationship was because they both knew the other was equal to them in intelligence. Intellectually, they were a match for each other.

It also speaks to Hillary’s experience. Bill Clinton may have been President but Hillary was always in the background with every situation involving Bill Clinton. Many of you recall one of the harshest criticisms directed toward Bill was the accusation Hillary was too involved with Bill’s Presidency.

 One of the names they used against Bill Clinton in an attempt to denigrate both Bill and Hillary was the word “Billary”. In retrospect, the name was more accurate than they knew. Also in retrospect, it’s a good thing the name was accurate because the county benefited greatly from the impact “Billary” had on our nation. Those years when “Billary” was in office, our nation enjoyed the best economic performance by a Capitalist society in the history of mankind. Yea, Hillary had something to with that.

It was generally thought among us, both Bill and Hillary enjoyed an intelligence far exceeding normal people. This is not to say they came off as superior or anything. Both Bill and Hillary had a way of looking you in the eyes and making you feel at ease. They both had a unique ability to make you feel as though they were just like you.

However, there was always an aura emanating from the Clintons telling you something was very special within these people. You just knew, both of them were smarter than you. When talking to them, you felt like they had more on the ball than you. Especially Hillary.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Sometimes you meet people who seem to look right through you and you better not try to fool them. Some people, up close, simply humble you with their presence. Hillary in particular, makes you feel completely at ease and at the same time, when you talk to her, you know she is listening. She will empathize with you and she will understand you. You also realize very quickly; she is not just an average person.

When she ran for Senator in New York, she won because of her presence. She was an outsider who never lived in New York and she simply overwhelmed a very skeptical bunch of hard core Yankees and won that election hands down, twice. Say whatever you want about Yankees, they can see right through you and they know when someone is not real. Yankees are very hard nosed people and Hillary, the outsider, won them over. If you think that is an easy thing to do, try doing it yourself. Ted Cruz failed miserably and so would you. Yankees’ figured out Ted Cruz immediately.

Hillary’s strength is in her interaction with people. She went door to door in New York and quite literally convinced people, wary of outsiders, she was one of them. When she became a US Senator, she garnered respect from Republicans and Democrats alike because she was eyeball to eyeball with them and her strength is in her personal dealings with people. She was a very successful US Senator because of the aura she projects when dealing with people in person. It’s undeniable! There is something special about this woman in person.

It is too bad her strength with personal contacts cannot be conveyed under the glaring lights of the national stage. Many of Hillary’s most strident haters change their mind once she has looked them in the eye. That is her strength and it is why she will be so successful when dealing with world leaders and opposition leaders within our own shores.

It will also be a big plus for our nation when one of the most successful and brilliant Presidents in the history of the United States is quietly in the background discussing with Hillary every single issue of importance in these tumultuous times. Because two very special people, have always confided in one another, contributing equally to each other’s success, we can be confident our nation is in good hands.

It is also why we Democrats must stop calling Bernie names and why we must stop alienating Bernie’s supporters. Behaving like Tea Baggers or bitter Republicans is beneath the dignity of Hillary Clinton. When Hillary wins the nomination and ultimately the Presidency, she will reach out to friend and foe alike. That is who she is. As Democrats we should not make enemies of people who should be our allies. Calling people names only makes Hillary’s job more difficult in the future.
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