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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hurray! Now I can discriminate according to my religious beliefs (sic). Please Hillary, Stop this!

Strongly held religious beliefs make laws in America.

From a story located at:

My comment:
          Many of our courts sustain discrimination and fail to enforce equal protection under the law. In other words, part of the American dream is dying right before our eyes. Discrimination, religious or otherwise, defeats the American dream.

         When a government (State or Federal) won't protect the rights of tax paying citizens, there is a problem brewing in the land. When the courts sustain discrimination against any group of people in this country, there is a big problem and the nation is changing for the worse.

          The NRA talks about a slippery slope regarding their rights. The same principal applies on this issue. When government allows discrimination based on a religious view, Pandora's box has just opened up. Give religion an opening and they will seek other laws based on their religious point of view. Historically, this has always been true.

          What's to keep people from discriminating against mixed racial couples because of strongly held religious beliefs? Under new rules allowing strongly held religious convictions, anyone can be discriminated against for any reason.

          All one has to say is, "that's against my religion". Pandora's box has been opened. You can’t allow one form of discrimination today, based on religion, then deny further prejudice in the future. Once religious restrictions are allowed, anything is possible in the future. If the courts uphold legalized discrimination, you have a fundamental change in the personality of our nation.

          As you may be able to tell, I have very little regard for Christians. Especially fundamentalists. What if I had a public restroom at my place of business and I put up a sign saying, "Fundamentalist Christians are not allowed to use my public restroom". I don’t like that kind of Christian and I don’t want them to take a crap in my commode defiling my plumbing. Under new "Religious Freedom Laws", the courts will be compelled to uphold my strongly held religious beliefs.

         If I own a public bakery, licensed by the government, and I refuse to make a wedding cake for a Christian ceremony, then with these new laws i should be allowed to discriminate. My religion thinks Christians are Satanic and participating in a Christian wedding ceremony only helps those despicable people propagate, creating filthy Christians and problems in the future.

         Under these new laws, my strongly held religious beliefs would be protected by the government and sustained by the courts. You may say, "nooooo, that won't happen". But, you don't really know, do you? You let religion get involved with government and anything can happen. It's just a historical fact.

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