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Saturday, April 23, 2016

My Religion is as good as yours, and don't you forget it!

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R)
Abortion doctors would lose medical
licenses under new Oklahoma bill

From a story located at:

 My comment:
Does anyone consider the legitimate biblical notion that a person is not life until its first breath? I mean, the Bible does say that, right? You, claiming murder, when the person is not yet a life is really too much. I'm reading the Bible and it doesn't mince words. People become life at first breath. That is what the Bible says, right?

I have a legitimate belief, religious in nature, telling me your interpretation that life begins in the womb, is wrong. You are flat wrong because my interpretation is better than yours. Read the Bible. Why do you make criminals of people, who hold strong religious beliefs, different than yours?

Are you people religious dictators? What makes you think you are so right and I am so wrong. You don't respect my religion? Is my religion not worth consideration? I respect your opinion which says life begins with the first erection. Why don't you respect my beliefs? My opinion is as good as yours.

If you choose, when your little daughter gets pregnant, tie her up, lock her in her bedroom and make her have the baby. That’s your business. That is, until the sheriff shows up. Put a guard on her door. Escort her to the bathroom (make sure she doesn't have a coat hanger on her) and lead her back to her locked room. You don't want her escaping and getting an abortion.

Daddy, when she takes a bath, be sure to inspect her naked body and make sure she doesn't have anything to induce a self-inflicted abortion. Of course, you will have to inspect all her cavities. That wouldn’t be perverted, would it?. After all you are protecting your daughter and her unborn child, for her own good. Your wife can help and make it a family affair.

After you have made your white daughter have the baby, don't take your daughter to church without a father, especially if the child is brown. Oh my God, what would your perfect little Christian buddies say? Of course, you can do what a lot of your pro-life cousins do. You could secretly get an abortion for your daughter. Just don’t tell the church congregation. Be sure to protest at the next abortion clinic as soon as possible, in order to make amends with Jesus.

Of course, if the child is brown, you can always take the child from your traumatized daughter, dump the kid off at an orphanage, forget the embarrassing little heathen ever existed and convince your daughter she doesn’t have to feel bad about not caring for her unwanted child. You know, the child you really didn't want. Your beliefs are probably the root cause of why your daughter wanted to abort the child, in the first place. 

An added benefit would be that you won’t have to ever babysit the child who is such an embarrassment to you. My God, you could never invite friends over for dinner and ask them to eat dinner with someone who looks like Obama.

Later on you can vote for someone who will deny funds for food and medical care for your unwanted child. That way, your little half breed granddaughter/son can suffer all its life. The bottom line? It's the unwanted child's fault for even being born. Don't forget to cut off funds for housing.

If your little unwanted child grows up a little pissed off at you and the orphanage, then breaks into your house killing you, I'm sure Jesus will take you into his pure white flock and give you a place to rest. Somewhere next to a lion that isn’t very hungry, I'm sure.

All this because you think your religion is better than mine? We don't pray to the same God.
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