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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Have I become a snotty brat? I'm unfriending Bernie supporters!

I have started unfriending Democrats on Facebook!

A few weeks ago I started unfriending BurnBots. Fellow Democrats! Or, are they? Especially if they were name callers, cursors or liars. I love a good conversation, but, when people try to persuade me of their point of view by presenting false facts and calling me names, I stop listening. When they emphasize their lies by calling me vulgar names and accusing me of beliefs I don’t hold, I unfriend them.
I was a Bernie supporter from day one, until I began to notice BurnBots and their vulgar language. If I had the slightest difference of opinion with a BurnBot, it was as if I sprang from a desert outhouse, which hadn’t been cleaned in a long time. It was amazing how I went from their best friend to their worst enemy, instantly, all over the meaning of a single word.
In other words, I left the Bernie camp for the same reason I left the Republican camp. I have
always lived by an ancient proverb that goes something like this. “Walk with wise men and be wise. Walk with fools and become one”. (There are many variations, of course). My Dad gave me this piece of advice. I have never been in trouble with the law because of this modest proverb. It’s simple. Don’t hang around with fools. I don't hangout with BurnBots or Republicans.
Over time, I couldn’t stand the kind of people who identified as Republicans. I will go to my grave wondering what happened to the Republican party. Now I’m wondering what happened to Bernie supporters.
Republicans became horrible, self-centered people who lost the meaning of what it means to be an American. Associating with them made me look like an idiot among my social circles. Democrats seemed more mature and thoughtful. I became a Democrat. Hillary supporters seemed more forward-thinking than BurnBots. I became a Hillary supporter.
I left the Bernie camp because BurnBots suffer from indications of grandeur and they are too quick to call names. Like Republicans, BurnBots think they are better than people not like them. Have you ever noticed when having a conversation with a BurnBot how you cannot utter a word, while they yell at you? One suffers such rudeness with Tea Braggarts as well.
BurnBots think so highly of themselves your words mean nothing. They have no intention of shutting up long enough to hear anything you have to say. BurnBots and Tea Braggarts are just bad mannered people. When you cannot finish a single sentence without interruption, stop trying to talk to them. Just walk away from people like this. If they don’t listen, you will never convince them of anything.
A lot of marriages end up the same way. If your spouse won’t let you finish a sentence, the marriage is over. When the shine wears off and you overlooked your spouse’s bad manners in the courting days, that shortcoming amplifies itself big time a few years into the marriage.
If an adult didn’t learn good manners as a child, teaching good manners later in life is almost impossible. Some of the biggest arguments you will ever have is when you confront an adult’s bad manners. Just walk away from them. Walk away from BurnBots. Walk away from Republicans. Walk away from Tea Braggarts. Walk away from your spouse. They will never respect anything you have to say.
So it goes, with Bernie supporters. A long time ago I decided to tune Tea Braggarts out entirely. That included some family members. It was a necessity! I swear a family member threatened me because I was a Democrat. Hatred for Democrats had become so strong among Tea Braggarts, members of my own family were calling me names and warning that someday they will put guys like me in jail. What?
I just don’t talk to Republicans in general and Tea Braggarts in particular. Their opinions have
damaged family relations. Now, BurnBots are turning out the same way. Supposedly, they are fellow Democrats and our alliance comes with an understanding we may have minor differences but in the end, we have the same goal. You don’t treat fellow Democrats like the enemy. BurnBots think you are the enemy.
All my life I have always thought of fellow Democrats as an ally. This belief went without saying. I never thought, I would live to see the day, when I would fight fellow Democrats. I never thought I would see the day fellow Democrats would hate me so much.
The only thing I can think of, is that these Bernie supporters are not now, nor have they ever been, Democrats. That would explain why they behave more like Republican Tea Braggarts than thoughtful Democrats. Regardless, they are bad mannered, vulgar and not worth conversing with. I feel good when I unfriend them.

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