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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Religious superiority is the exclusive property of white Americans.

Anti-Trump Republicans come to terms with Cruz nomination

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My comment:
First and foremost, like his father, Cruz is a Dominionist. He doesn't come out and say so because of the divisive nature of the philosophy but the notion of Dominionsm explains much of what Ted Cruz is about. If you ask Cruz directly if he is a Dominionist, he will deny it for political reasons.

"Dominionism" generally describes the belief that Christians are biblically mandated to control all earthly institutions until the second coming of Jesus (from an article published by the Huffington post). Ted Cruz is more than likely a follower of the New
Apostolic Reformation, which advocates for Christians to "reclaim the seven mountains of culture": government, religion, media, family, business, education, and arts and entertainment.

One of the striking personality characteristics of Dominionists is that they believe they are mandated by God to control everything, for the good of the non-believers. Because God guides them, mechanisms installed by government allowing people to vote and determine how they will live are deemed irrelevant. A Dominionist knows more than the people.

A Dominionist is, after all, guided by God and any political movement contrary to their perceived notion of what God wants, means nothing to them. In other words, voting only has meaning to the Dominionist if it gives him the power to enable his perception of what God wants. Once in office, he is free to do as he pleases as long as he thinks that is what God wants.

When Cruz shutdown the government costing American taxpayers 23 billion dollars, he was not concerned at all. He knew best because whatever he did was guided by God and to heck with the damage he caused to Republicans and Democrats alike.

Cruz is immune to criticism from people even in his own party. He is after all; a tool being used by God to save mankind. This notion is widely believed in Christian America. The growth of Christian Superiority has grown immensely in America just in the last twenty years.

The belief that only those who think “Jesus is Lord” or have been “Saved” can go to heaven, is as strong a notion of superiority as any practiced in the history of man. If you do not have those same beliefs, you are going to Hell according to many Americans. If you are destined for Hell, Christians are free to do as they please to you. Anything at all, including execution. Just ask Blacks and Indians what they think about religious superiority. 

Delusions of grandeur is rampant within American religious culture. It explains white only Christian schools. Religious superiority is the reason for all white only church congregations. The exception being, if people of color are obedient “Oreos”, they can participate.

Incidentally, in America, religious superiority is the exclusive property of white Americans. People of color in America do not practice delusions of grandeur. It is the combination of Cruz's belief he is superior, others not like him are inferior and going to Hell and rampant racism, which makes Cruz so popular in white America.

Cruz will never admit his beliefs but Christian White America loves him because of his beliefs. After all, millions of white Americans, feel superior to the rest of us. Cruz has tapped into the underground racist and religious beliefs of many Americans. It explains his popularity.
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