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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Muslim Genocide is just around the corner! Hillary is needed to stop this kind of outcome!

Attacks on Brussels airport, metro kill 34 - public broadcaster
Yea, this is a gloomy comment. Not something I hope for. However, it may come to pass.

Inspiration for my comment is located at:

My comment:
          Let's hope reasonable people like Hillary, are in charge if something big happens. When the Cuban Missile Crises occurred, can you just imagine the outcome if someone like Trump were in charge? Fortunately, we had John F. Kennedy calling the shots and mankind was saved.

         Big events require big people and Business people with no governmental experience won't cut the mustard. In a crises, you want someone like Hillary because her experience and wisdom could very well save mankind, the way Kennedy did.

          Inch by inch, Muslim terrorists are creeping closer to a terror attack that will kill hundreds of thousands. It's inevitable. It's the world we live in today. Terrorists will keep killing indiscriminately and much of the killing will come from the Muslim world. One day, a terror attack will stop the world’s heart. Then, the world will stop the hearts of Muslims.

          I’ll bet there are some people in Brussels who are ready for a genocide of the Muslim world. People who have lost loved ones. People like Trump exist in all Western Countries and they are willing to kill everyone in order to solve the problem. Don’t misconstrue what I am saying. I don’t advocate genocide but there are plenty who do.

         Terrorism has become a problem I have no answer for. Self preservation says to deal with the problem and it is either kill or be killed. When in Vietnam, if a North Vietnamese soldier came upon you in the night, with the intent to kill you, gun blazing, the answer was simple. You pulled the trigger. But don't think you will not regret what you did later. If you are normal, taking a life in combat is no simple matter. It stays with you all your life. Even with all the excuses.
          Normal people would prefer not killing someone. It's the kind of business you never forget and as one gets older, the deed weighs heavily on your mind. With age, the memory is more pronounced. I have found most people don't understand what I'm saying about this. That's why there are new wars, generation after generation.

          There were a few sick Americans in the Nam who did enjoy killing but we normal people, stayed away from that kind of individual. You didn't want to make friends with that sort. You knew there was something fundamentally wrong with people who seemed to like killing people and bragged about it. That's probably why I stay away from Christian Churches today.

          While G.W. Bush and his military were killing all those innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq, American Christians were bragging and boasting about all the death being wrought and rooting for more. I stay away from Christians now, for the same reason I avoided deranged individuals in the Nam. I can't put my finger on it exactly, but American Christians went wrong somewhere along the way. Is it just American Christians?

         However, slowly, but ever so assuredly, the Muslim world will bring about the big one. I can imagine the French using nuclear weapons to extinguish the problem if Paris is obliterated and there are a few million dead Frenchmen. If a million Russians are killed on Putin’s watch, I can visualize nuclear strikes even if they kill a few Jews. Putin and the Russians are just glorified Republicans set loose to do as they please. We have Putin style Americans all over our nation. One is running for POTUS.

          Here in America, it’s obvious millions of people would call for genocide of the Muslim world, if say a city like Chicago, experiences hundreds of thousands dead due to a biological attack brought on by some Jihadist. I was reading a comment in another article by a Trumpster supporter, wanting to round up all the Muslims in America and start shooting them dead. Unfortunately, he’s a typical Tea
Bagging Trumpster and there are millions of them. Hopefully they won't get control of the country.

         The day is coming when something horrible is going to happen and some world leader will do something even worse. The mentality for genocide exists all over the world. That mentality is very strong in America. Going by the rhetoric spewing out of the mouths of some politicians in America, genocide is not out of the question.

          There is nothing wonderful about the American people anymore. Just look at our politics and you will come away disgusted. All one can hope for is that someone like Hillary will take the helm and temporarily stem the tide of American insanity. There can be nothing worse than a bunch of Christians armed to the teeth wanting vengeance against a non- Christian culture. It’s happened before and will happen again. Trump is currently sucking up to them.

          What do you think? If a guy like Trump orders US missile crews to push the button, causing the death of millions of innocent Muslims, will those crews push the button? That was a big question during the Cold War as well. Will the annihilation of an American city bring about mass murder of the Muslim world?

          Probably! Especially if some big talker, on an ego trip like Trump, is in charge. Ted Cruz and his Dominionist ideas would not hesitate to slaughter millions of non-believers. His kind have a history of genocide. Just ask Blacks and Indians. It certainly would be true of Putin and the Russians. Afterall, America is getting to look a lot like Russia. Especially if that chicken hawk Donald Trump gets elected..
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