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Saturday, February 27, 2016

We Should have a President Loved by the KKK

Man dressed in 'KKK endorses 
Trump' shirt thrown out of Trump rally

From a Story located at:

My comment
        It doesn't matter what Trump says about KKK endorsements. Trump could come out in the strongest manner possible (with a wink of the eye) and the KKK will still love him. Trump is not perfect but he is the most robust white power candidate to come out since George Wallace.

        One can only hope these racists and white power goony birds are too stupid to register and won't be able to vote. The most they will be able to do is run down to Taco Bell and scare little kids with their guns, unwashed appearance and dirty mouths.

        Trump should make a campaign promise offering free showers, a haircut and new paramilitary costumes (brown shirts?) for all the potbellied gray haired white supremacists, if only they will shut up until he is the POTUS. Then they can do as they please.
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