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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Wheaton will not fire professor over Muslim worship comments, but she will leave college

Which Religious Belief is More Believable?

From a story located at:

My comment:
One theory says Muslims and Christians worship the same God. It could mean simply that God has many names and many definitions, however, it is all the same God. Except for the Jews according to some thinkers. Jews don't believe in the Trinity any more than Muslims do. According to some, Jews don't worship the same God as Christians do, just like Muslims. Hmmmmmm!

Christians believe God got Mary pregnant by magic and along came Jesus. Cute story. It's all because fornicating is such a dirty business and nobody wants to believe Mary got shagged in order to make the pure and sinless Jesus.

Conception without sex presents a problem though when it goes head to head with the Trinity. Since Jesus is God, Jesus had to impregnate his own mother in order to conceive himself. Now that is a thought worth considering. Let me see. Jesus impregnated his own mother or Muslims and Christians worship the same God. Which one makes more sense? The one with less magic is the idea I choose.

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