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Monday, February 15, 2016

Antonin Scalia (War Criminal) and a comment about war crimes

Scalia is indirectly a War Criminal

The inspiration for this editorial:

My comment:
You won't hear any politicians say, "he was a narrow minded conservative who on many occasions ruled in favor of corporations hurting many common Americans. All politicians will say nice things about him now that he is dead.

It will take at least two decades of new Supreme Court decisions to unravel the harm he has done to this country. Considering how many people he harmed, he is probably rotting in hell with Ronald Reagan, the man who appointed him, as we speak". 

Reagan killed thousands of innocent people. Surely he is in Hell.

Some people are not missed when they depart. Jerry Falwell was a welcome exit. I'm sure Lyndon Johnson is rotting in hell and good riddance to him. When G.W. Bush departs this world for an eternal stay in Hell, the survivors of dead and wounded Vets who gave everything for a lie, will quietly cheer. The families of half a million dead Iraqis will celebrate.

With the way things are going, one can only hope there is a Hell. Apparently Bush, Cheney, Rice, etc., etc. will never face the consequences for what they did in this lifetime. There are several hundred thousand dead human beings because of the lies they told. There isn’t a religion on earth that can forgive Bush for what he did. Maybe ISIS would but who knows how those nut jobs think.

I know I’m going off subject a little bit but George Bush and his administration are war criminals. Here’s my reasoning and many won’t agree with me. That’s too bad because making excuses for war crimes makes the apologist just as disgusting as those who committed the crimes in the first place.

The apologists make the excuse that George Bush got the wrong intelligence. He was misinformed by all the intelligence agencies which resulted in the mistake of annihilating Iraq. It is this lie which gives credence to the war crime charges. All the intelligence agencies provided correct assessments of Iraq’s capabilities.

The Bush Administration simply ignored the truth and purposely told lies in order to wage a war. There are many theories as to why Bush had to have his war but all those concepts are irrelevant at this point. There is a single fact which cannot be disproven. The Bush Administration purposely lied to the United States Congress, the American people and the world causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

Iraq did not transpire because of bad information. Iraq happened because of focused lying. If our intelligence agencies provided incorrect information, perhaps one could let G.W. Bush off the hook. However, that is not the case and because of the lies, Bush is a war criminal. G.W. Bush caused incomprehensible suffering while conducting acts of murder on innocent human beings.

Our intelligence agencies provided the correct information. A nuclear program did not exist. A chemical and biological program did not exist. Al Qaeda was not in Iraq. There was no missile program capable of reaching the United States.

All these facts were provided by our intelligence services. Bush covered up the facts and lied about going to war. Bush is not an innocent victim of bad intelligence. Bush covered up and lied the American people and the Congress into war and that is why he is a war criminal.

Many of our military commanders are guilty of war crimes as well because they did not control their troops and thousands of men, women and children were killed by our undisciplined military secure in the knowledge there would never be consequences for their crimes.

The root of many PTSD claims resulting from the war is the extreme guilt our soldiers suffer as a result of their acts of murder. Instead of giving these criminals an excuse for their crimes, getting counseling and a monthly check, these modern day war criminals should be put in jail.

So, enough of that!

It doesn't matter if a Republican or Democrat replaces Scalia. There is almost a 90% chance whoever it is, that person will be more neutral in their rulings and act more like a impartial judge, as it should be. Scalia was a Conservative, Republican hack, more in the vain of Ted Cruz, than a neutral judge. Good riddance to Scalia the demagogue.

Scalia, the man who wrote the majority opinion as to why Florida should not count all the votes, making George W. Bush President. The legitimate President, elected by American voters, Al Gore, did not become President of the United States. Because of Scalia and people like him, the course of history was changed forever.

All the bad things going on today in Iraq and Syria can be traced back to the day Scalia made George Bush President. There may not be a Hell, for all we know but Scalia helped to create Hell on earth. You people who supported him, you reap what you sow.
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