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Friday, June 19, 2015

Rand Paul to GOP: It's Time to Move Beyond the Second Amendment

From a story located at:

My comment:
This is a good strategy. Rand Paul can give the illusion of wanting to implement some gun control but if you look at his record, he will never introduce gun control. Rand Paul will say and do anything to become President (he's like Mitt).

The truth is, when two candidates square off in the final run for the Oval office, Republicans will vote for Daffy Duck if that is who their candidate is. Much has been said about Romney's 47% comment but the converse is true for Republicans. No matter who the Republican candidate is, they are guaranteed 47% of the general electorate.

Consistently, most republicans will not vote for a liberal. You can bet your last dollar on this truth. People don't realize how much Republicans in this country hate the word liberal. More than twenty years of demonization has worked.

At one time or another, every Democrat running for any office, anywhere in this country, is called a Liberal and that's all it takes to get half the vote. Republican hatred for the word "Liberal" runs very deep.

Rand Paul is very sly. He will say all kinds of things trying to lure Independents and Democrats to cross over and vote for him. However, those who are fooled by him will be very disappointed if he becomes President. Look at his record. He is just as dangerous as any of the other crazy Republican running for the Oval office.

Rand Paul is a consummate liar just like Mitt Romney. Don't be deceived by some golden tongued con artist who will say things seemingly contrary to Republican values. Look how well Mitt Romney did.

Much of the Republican base thinks if you are not Saved or if you don’t think Jesus is Lord, you are a demon destined for hell. Mitt did not believe any of those Christian things. In the end, none of those beliefs mattered at all. Republicans hate Liberals and blacks more than they love Jesus.

Rand Paul is guaranteed half the votes in this country as long as he is perceived not liberal. Paul knows this and that's why he will try to woo you into voting for him. Do not be deceived by some Libertarian who hates our government right down to his bone.
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