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Friday, June 26, 2015

U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage nationwide

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I marvel at the notion States Rights should determine issues like Marriage Equality. There are some issues, which must be equal in application in every state. Among those equal protections is our Bill of Rights.

Can you imagine the chaos if each individual state were allowed to determine what Freedom of Speech or Religion means on a local basis? Recent history has shown each state would have very different interpretations of our Bill of Rights. Many of the Republican controlled states have demonstrated a propensity to step all over individual rights for religious reasons.

In my mind anyway, one of the most important jobs the Supreme Court has, is to insure the universal application of Civil Liberties across America. Although Marriage Rights is not specifically mentioned in the Constitution, this right to marry whom you want is a Penumbra Right we all take for granted. Shadow rights of the Constitution are very important to all of us.

Privacy and Choice are not mentioned in the Constitution but we all expect a certain amount of privacy in our lives and we all enjoy choosing where we work, live, whom we associate with and what we read, listen to or watch. Shadow rights are very important and marriage rights fall into the same category.

We cannot allow states to determine and define our Civil Liberties or our shadow rights. Doing so would defeat the purpose of States being united in our Civil Liberties and our Shadow Rights. We cannot call ourselves the United States of America if one can get married in one state, only to discover their marriage is not recognized in another state.

Civil Liberties is not up to an individual state to determine if that state has been temporarily taken over by extreme religious views. One of the main jobs of the Supreme Court is to insure Equal Protection under the Law, Due Process and the equal application of Civil Liberties coast to coast. The Supreme Court ruled correctly in this issue.
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