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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cruz: Supreme Court justices should face elections - Part two

From a story located at:

Richard Davis When I first started reading your comment I thought to myself, "here's a guy I can talk to". Upon reading more, I discovered you engaged in invective and insults to make your argument. You say you are an atheist, yet you use the exact same arguments against gay marriage that any self -righteous Christian would use. A right wing atheist! Now there's a uncommon arrangement. Alternatively, are you indeed an atheist?

Just for argument sake, religion has nothing to do with marriage in America. That's why a couple has to get a marriage license from the government and the preacher has to file paperwork with the government upon completion of the ceremony.

That's why you can get married in Las Vegas on a moment’s notice or you can just do the ceremony with the justice of the peace. Whatever the process, the marriage is not legal without government involvement. A church is not required for a legal marriage. Government is. Churches are nice but not necessary.

Getting married legally with the government entitles the married couple to certain legal privileges. Tax advantages with the IRS, inheritance rights and the ability to make medical decisions for a spouse are just a few of those privileges.

A couple cannot just proclaim they are married and enjoy any of the privileges afforded by a marriage, sanctioned by the government. Try filing a joint tax return with the IRS without a registered marriage certificate.

Because the government is the only entity able to grant marital privileges, marriage becomes a civil liberty. Denying civil liberties only a secular government can grant is discrimination by the government. A secular government cannot discriminate against tax paying citizens. A secular government cannot deny advantages to one group of taxpayers and then grant those same privileges to another group based on a religious interpretation or preference.

Your other arguments about polygamy, incest or any other perversion is nothing more than a right wing scare tactic and you should peddle your allegations to those who are afraid of their own shadow. You are corresponding with an adult Democrat who doesn't believe right wing propaganda. Your dog and pony scare tactics don’t work with me.

Nevertheless, your input was interesting. The most entertaining aspect of your correspondence was your claim to an atheist belief system. Har-Har-Har! That was a good one. You are missing a good opportunity though.

Those Republicans would pay you a lot of money if you would claim you are an atheist and tell them you are against gay marriage. You could run around making your argument and really take advantage of people that would give anything to hear you talk like that. It’s kind of like hearing a black or a Latino use Republican talk. It’s an easy way to get rich off of uninformed scared people.
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